The Latest Update Will Speed Up Your Windows 11

Since the release of Windows 11, many users have been reporting the performance issue of slow storage devices which will affect the HDDs and SSDs. Although the released update in January hasn’t fixed the problem, Microsoft announced Windows 11’s February security update will come soon, which is expected to speed up your slow Windows 11.

Windows 11 KB5008353 fixed some important issues and also addressed the SSD/HDD problem for all users. And the next update will be an optional ‘Patch Tuesday’ update. It might be available on the second Tuesday of each month, so 8 February will be likely the release date.

That is a good news for the users who have been suffering from its release for eight months. If you’re among them, please check for updates under the Windows Update setting interface. Then Windows 11 will show the KB5008353 update for you, and click Download & install to update at that time to speed up your Windows 11.

Update Windows 11 to Speed Up Your Slow Computer

Of course, if you’re not suffering such issue, the latest Windows 11 is optional.


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