Steps to Turn on Dynamic Refresh Rate in Windows 11

Windows 11 brought users some new features except for the UI design. Dynamic Refresh Rate is one of the features that attracted me to learn more on it. In this article, we will introduce you what Dynamic Refresh Rate (DRR) is and the methods to have it turned on or off.

Before going to DRR, we need to know what is Refresh Rate. Refresh rate is measured in Hertz (Hz for short) that indicates the speed of a display constantly refreshes to show several motions. The higher refresh rate tells that more frames will be displayed in a certain time such as one second, and the motion at higher refresh rate will be smoother.

Windows 11 Dynamic Refresh Rate Settings

Dynamic Refresh Rate comes as enhanced feature in Windows 11 to dynamically control the refresh rate according to your system performance or what you’re doing on your Windows 11 system. For example, if you’re using emails, or browsing documents on your device, less refresh rate will be required. At this time, Windows 11 DRR will adjust the value of refresh rate at 60Hz. When you’re watching videos or doing other operations with higher refresh rate required, Windows 11 DRR will automatically adjust it to 120Hz.

The benefits of doing so is to save power for your device and optimize the system performance accordingly.

After knowing all the features and benefits of DRR, please follow the step-by-step guide below to turn on DRR in Windows 11.

Step 1: Open Settings;
Step 2: Choose System;
Step 3: Select Display;

Display Settings for DRR

Step 4: Click Graphics;
Step 5: Set Dynamic next to Choose a refresh rate to finish the settings.

Dynamic Refresh Rate Setting in Windows 11

If you are not sure whether DRR is supported in your device, please check it with these steps:

Step 1: Open Settings;
Step 2: Choose System;
Step 3: Scroll down your mouse to the Related settings area and choose Graphics;
Step 4: Click on Default Graphics settings;
Step 5: Get the Variable Refresh Rate.

If you can’t find the Variable refresh rate on your laptop, that means your device doesn’t support this feature.


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