How to Personalize Mouse Cursor Color on Windows 11?

In this article, we will show you 4 steps to change the mouse cursor color on Windows 11. That will help you go further to fully customize your Windows 11 according your own habits to improve your working efficiency.

How to Change Mouse Cursor on Windows 11
How to Change Mouse Cursor on Windows 11

Steps to Change Mouse Cursor Color via Windows 11 Settings

Only a few steps needed to change the color and size of mouse cursor:

1. Open Settings by clicking on Windows icon;

2. Select Mouse pointer and touch under Accessibility;

How to Change Mouse Cursor on Windows 11
Accessibility Settings

3. Under Mouse pointer style, select Custom among the four options: White, Black, Inverter and Custom color. And you can directly choose the Recommended colors or Choose another color according to your preference.

Change Color of Mouse Cursor

4. Under the color settings, there is an option for users to modify the size of the mouse cursor by moving the button on the right.

Change Mouse Cursor Size

Of course, if you wan to do more settings for mouse pointer on Windows 11, there are also many third-party programs for more settings. You can simple search via google “change mouse cursor software”.


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