Solutions: Windows 11 Black Screen with Cursor Issues

It is quite common that Windows 11/10 come across a black screen with only mouse cursor when you’re trying to sign in to Windows 11/10 system. Don’t worry! We have find out all the solutions to fix Windows 11 black screen with cursor issue.

Most of the systems get stuck on a black screen happens when the system is boosted or after signing in. Please follow our steps to help your Windows 11 go back to normal.

Windows 11 Black Screen with Cursor Issues

Solution 1: Check Monitor Connections & Screen

The Windows 11 system malfunction might be caused by the disconnection of cable, including the monitor connection. So the first step to fix the Windows 11 black screen is to check whether the cable which is used to connect the monitor screen and motherboard has been well connected or not. If they are well connected, please try to disconnect and retry to connect it again.

Or you could replace the current screen with another one to check whether it’s caused by the screen or the cable.

Another suggestions is to change monitors, for example, making your primary monitor secondary and vice versa.

Solution 2: Restart Windows 11

System rebooting is one of the easiest way to fix many system issues, including fixing the Windows 11 black screen with mouse cursor only. But don’t try to shut down your PC and restart it in the normal way. Here the right steps for restarting:

Force shut down your PC by pressing the power button > press the button a longer time than usually do till the Windows shuts down > press it again several minutes later to restart. Till your Windows start up, the black screen issue on Windows 11 might have been fixed. If not, please take actions in the following suggestions.

Solution 3: Check & Clean Hardware Components

The CPU overheating may result into the Windows 11 black screen issue. You can run a third-party tool such IObit SystemInfo or Advanced SystemCare to check the CPU temperature. If it’s overheating, please let it have a rest and wait it to be cool to restart your PC again.

If the CPU cannot be cool down, please take actions to clean the fans. Note: You’d better seek help from the profession technical person to help you on that.

Then, cleaning and inspecting other components, including graphic card, RAM, and power supply unit is also necessary to confirm they are working normally.

Solution 4: Change Projection Mode

The misconfigured settings of the projection will also lead to the Windows 11 black screen with mouse cursor displayed. If the happens, please check the projection settings in these steps:

Step 1: Press hot keys Win + P keys to open the Project menu;

Step 2: Press the arrow keys on the keyboard to choose another mode;

Fix Windows 11 Black Screen with Cursor Issues

Step 3: Press Enter on keyboard to change the mode;

Step 4: Keep repeating the steps to get the right project setting until the Windows 11 black screen with mouse cursor to be completely fixed.

Solution 5: Restart Graphics Adapter Drivers

As a well-known method to fix Windows 11 black screen with mouse cursor only, resetting the graphics adapter has been proved to be effective.

Step 1: Press Win + Ctrl + Shift + B on your keyboard to restart the graphics adapter;

Step 2: Until you heard a slight beep sound, then you will know that the graphics driver has been restarted.

Solution 6: Check and Update Graphics Driver

The outdated or missing graphics driver will also cause the Windows 11 black screen with mouse cursor. Graphics driver could be detected and updated in the following method:

Step 1: Right click Start Menu and choose Device Manager;

Step 2: Scroll down the mouse to Display Adapter and expand it;

Update Driver to Fix Windows 11 Black Screen with Mouse Cursor

Step 3: Right click on it and choose Update driver;

Step 4: Let Windows 11 Search automatically for drivers and install it on your device;

Update Driver to Fix Windows 11 Black Screen with Mouse Cursor

Step 5: Restart your PC once the driver gets updated, in order to check whether the Windows 11 black screen with mouse cursor has been fixed or not.

If the problem still keeps, please try to reinstall the graphics driver. Please repeat the above 3 steps by select Uninstall device.

Uninstall Graphics Driver

Then in the next prompt windows, select Attempt to remove the driver for this device and click on Uninstall.

After the uninstallation finished, restart your PC and download and install graphic drivers with a third-party tool or try the steps mentioned above.

Finally, restart your Windows 11 to check whether your monitor works normally or not.

Solution 7: Uninstall the Conflicting Apps on Windows 11

The incompatible apps will also cause the Windows 11 black screen with mouse cursor issue. Try the steps to diagnose and uninstall the conflicting apps, such as third-party antivirus tool.

Right click on the Start menu and choose Apps and Features > Click on the three dots menu on the right of the Apps list to uninstall it.

If all the above steps cannot help to fix the issue of Windows 11 black screen with mouse cursor, you’d better take your device to the computer repair shop to seek for professional repair.


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