Redesigned Notepad for Windows 11 Insider Is Available

On December 7, 2021, Microsoft officially released the resigned Notepad UI for all Windows 11 Insiders. As Notepad has been an important productivity app for our daily work flow, you can explore the new features now.

According to Microsoft blog, it has always being listening to users’ feedback on making Windows 11 better. Notepad redesigning is the biggest change since its release in older version. Let’s check the changes you may be interested.

Dark mode is available in Windows 11 notepad and it is applied with the setting of your theme. Of course, you can also change the mode in the brand-new settings.

The redesigned find and replace feature will make you feel better that the text you’re targeting will be highlighted with color to check it more efficiently.

As in previous Notepad, only one step undo can be applied, while in this new version in Windows 11, multi-level undo is added for your working productivity.

Except for the functions redesign, the Notepad UI has also been completely improved to align with the new visual design of Windows 11, including rounded corners, Mica, and more.


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