Open Shell, Alternative to StartAllBack for Windows 11

Open Shell, formerly called Classic Shell, is an open source tool to get back classic start menu for Windows 10/8/7. Today, it was tested out that it can also perfectly work on Windows 11. Except for StartAllBack and Start 11, Windows 11 users now have another choice to change the start menu to classic one with Open Shell.

How to replace start menu with Open Shell?

Replacing Windows 11 start menu is as easy as ABC after downloading Open Shell. Click the installation file to get it installed on your device. Then Open Shell will give you several options to customize and please choose the right one for your own customization.

After being installed, I failed to find a desktop icon for it. Then I need to search it in the Win 11 search box to get it.

Open Shell to Customize Windows 11 Start Menu

Under start menu setting section, there are three options to customize: Classic style – the start menu on XP; Classic with two columns; Windows 7 style – the start menu style on Windows 7 system. Choose the one you want to get back. At the bottom of the interface, three options for you to replace start button: Aero is set as default; Classic and Custom. The former two are both providing the icon of Open Shell. Another icon could be uploaded with Custom option.

In the Basic Settings section, you can decide whether to use Open Shell to launch the start menu with different ways.

Open Shell Settings

Of course, like that on StartAllBack and Start 11, Open Shell also supports to roll back the older style of Taskbar for Windows 11/10/8/7, as well as other customization options, including Taskbar color, Taskbar font color, etc.

Open Shell Taskbar Customization

When all the settings done, you will get back the Classic Start Menu back by changing the Registry configuration.

Comparison among Open Shell, StartAllBack and Start 11

After going through the three tools which will make Windows 11 more like Win 10, we’d like to show you our opinions on them to help you to decide which on should be your choice.

FeaturesStartAllBackStart 11Open Shell
Automatically changes taskbarXX
Windows 10-Style menuX
Classic Context MenusX
Taskbar on Top OptionX
Ribbon in File Explorer
Uncombine Taskbar IconsX
Resize Taskbar IconsXX
Custom TexturesX
Comparison Among StartAllBack, Start 11 and Open Shell


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