New Media Player on Windows 11 Rolls Out for More Users to Replace Groove Music

According to Microsoft, a new Media Player for Windows 11 system will replace Groove Music and be rolled out for more users. The new media player is the inheritor of classic Windows Media Player, which can be tested in insider program. However, users can also download the new media player even they don’t join in insider program.

Windows 11 new media player can only run on Windows 11 Build 22000 or later, which means that Windows 11 users can install the new media player from Microsoft Store. If you do not find it in the Microsoft Store, you can manually install the new media player on the system Build 22000.346 or higher.

windows 11 media player

Microsoft officially announced the design of new media player in November 2021, which was first exposed in a live broadcast. Now, Microsoft has tested the new media player for almost two months, therefore the new media player is ready for to be rolled for more users. The key point of new media player is that the new media player is able to support the Windows 11 them color.

The new media player can replace the internal color system Zest along with the system theme colors in Windows 11. However, users can also switch back to the previous default style from the new media player settings. The new media player is specifically designed for Windows 11, using WinUI elements, round corners and more. Now, the new media player can only run on Windows 11, but it will be rolled out for Windows 10 users soon. However, the new media player on the Windows 10 has no round corners and Mica themes.

You need pay attention that the although new media player replaces the existing Groove Music player but it will automatically import Groove’s database when you update to the new media player, including previous playlists and saved media library locations.

However, the classic Windows Media Player will not disappear after installing the new media player. You can still switch back from the settings. But the Windows Media Player may be removed from the operating system in the future.

As we mentioned above, the new media play can run on Windows 11 Build 22000 or later. You can update to the new media player in the store. Besides of the new media player, Microsoft has also recently developed a brand-new Notepad. In the future, Windows 11 will update more and more features and improvements.


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