The Simple Methods to Shut Down Windows 11

If you’re new to Windows operating system, you’d like know how to shut down your computer. If you’re updating old Windows system to Windows 11, you may find that the shut down and restart icon has been moved out from the left corner of taskbar. Then how to shut down Windows 11 comes as a question for you. In our article, we’d like to introduce you two ways to turn off it.

Shut Down Windows 11 via Start Menu

  • Click on Start Menu;
  • Right click the shut down icon on the right;
  • There are usually three options: Sleep, Shut down, Restart.
  • Click on Shut down to turn off Windows 11.


Sleep mode is making your computer standby and saving computer energy. Shut down is to turn off your computer. Restart is to boot your computer again. You will also get the update message if your Win 11 needs update.

Shut Down Windows 11 with Short Cut Key

  • Press Windows key + X at the same time;
  • A popup with many options will be shown and select Shut down or sign out;
  • Choose shut down in the new popup;

If your screen is locked, there is a turn off option on the right bottom screen and just click it to shut down.


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