Microsoft will equip Windows 11 and Windows 12 with AI

Although Windows 10 is still the dominating the Windows market share, and about 80% Windows users have not been upgraded to the Windows 11 system yet, Microsoft claimed that the next generation of Windows systems will be equipped with more AI elements to reshape the way users do everything on Windows.

Microsoft will equip Windows 11 and Windows 12 with AI

During AMD CES 2023, Microsoft’s Chief Product Officer Panos Panay talked about the future of Windows and AI. He suggested that Windows is going to bet big on artificial intelligence, with several features including vastly improved voice and video capabilities to make your experience on video calls even better.

In fact, some AI-based experiences are coming to Windows 11, including OpenAI-powered recommendations or reminders in Mail and Calendar, Clock, Microsoft Photos, and more. And with the help of AI algorithm to automatically blur the background during video calls, correct brightness and filter background noise, improve the main sound clarity and other experiences.

It is worth mentioning that Microsoft has made major adjustments to the Windows roadmap internally, and Windows will have a three-year release cycle. In other words, major versions of Windows will ship every three years. Meaning a major release of Windows 12 should arrive sometime in 2024.


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