Microsoft PC Manager Beta Released

Earlier this year, Microsoft launched Microsoft PC Manager, featuring no ads and no pop-ups, providing users with in-depth cleaning functions including junk cleaning, large file management, storage awareness, and application uninstallation.

Recently, this software named as PC Manager has officially released with Beta version.It is reported that the PC Manager is expected to land on the Microsoft Store in the future.

What Is PC Manager?

Microsoft’s PC Manager is a new tool for cleaning up temporary files and managing startup applications. It also helps users monitor resource usage and see Microsoft recommendations, such as switching the default browser and search engine to Edge and Bing.

Microsoft PC Manager

Features of Microsoft PC Manager listed by Microsoft include:

● Computer maintenance – clean files, delete applications, etc. with just one click;

● Manage startup applications – disable startup applications with one click to improve performance and startup time;

● Manage and view running processes and take action using Task Manager;

● Manage your storage – recent files, temporary files, etc.;

● use Defender to scan for viruses;

● Use Windows Update to check for updates.

Windows 11 Tools Opinion

We’re not sure whether this PC Manager will get a huge success or not.But it is no doubt that Microsoft will be a threat for many software developers which are aiming to optimize, clean, speed up, and protect Windows system.


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