Microsoft Highlight Line of Windows 11 SE PCs for Education

Microsoft announced a series of Windows 11 SE devices that are available for order through education channels. They include Surface Laptop SE and the new Windows 11 Pro EDU as well as Windows 11 SE devices starting at $249 from Microsoft partners including Acer, Asus, Dell, Dynabook, Fujitsu, HP, JP-IK, Lenovo and Positivo Intel and AMD. This is Microsoft’s largest ever collection of K-12 education-specific software and devices, demonstrating Microsoft’s commitment to meeting the current and future needs of students, educators, and schools.

Microsoft says Windows 11 SE was designed and built to solve the most fundamental challenges which schools are facing in a world during the pandemic, and to bring performance enhancements that optimize resources on low-cost devices for more holistic learning experience, and is easy to use, deploy and manage.

Educators will find many device options in form factors from Microsoft partners to meet the needs of students at a price point that fits any budget. These new devices support more engaging, collaborative and accessible learning for all, and translate into the best tools for inclusive and equitable education.

Today Microsoft launched the following Windows 11 SE devices:

Acer Windows 11 SE Laptop: Acer TRAVELMATE SPIN B3

Acer provides Windows 11 SE devices for a pilot program in schools around the world. It was one of the first brands to ship Windows 11 SE devices, starting with the Acer TravelMate Spin B3 laptop. This 11.6-inch device is built for the K-12 school day in the classroom and at home: with military-grade durability to withstand drops, shock-absorbing bumpers, secure keys, and protection of internal components from moderate spills The drain. It comes with the latest Intel Pentium Silver and Celeron processors, a webcam, 10 hours of battery life and Intel Wi-Fi 6 (Gig+) with 2×2 MU-MIMO technology to help in multi-user connection in the environment. Another Acer laptop with Windows 11 SE: the TravelMate B3.

ASUS Windows 11 SE Laptop: ASUS BR1100F

Equipped with Windows 11 SE, the ASUS BR1100F is a learning companion for students of all ages with a rugged, innovative design that’s built to last. It’s designed to withstand knocks, bumps, drops, and splashes without damage, whether it’s falling off a desk or dining table. In addition to a multifunctional touchscreen display and stylus, there’s an ultra-sturdy 360-degree hinge and a world-facing camera. The BR1100F also supports up to Wi-Fi 6 and optional 4G LTE for fast connections, and features AI-powered noise-cancelling technology for high-quality distance learning and conferencing. The modular design makes it easy to service, and antimicrobial treatments on the cover, keyboard, touchpad, and palm rest help keep things clean.

ASUS Windows 11 SE Laptop

DELL Windows 11 SE Laptop: DELL LATITUDE 3120 and 3120 2-in-1

The Dell Latitude 3120 and 3120 2-in-1 laptops make the unlimited learning become true and used for education, powered by Windows 11 SE. With a new chassis design, 11-inch display, Intel Celeron Quad-core and Pentium Quad-core processors, extended battery life, and ExpressCharge (which charges devices up to 80% in about an hour), students can confidently pass each class uninterrupted. Optional Wi-Fi 6 enables faster speeds, more capacity, and better power efficiency. Laser etching on the front and back covers enhances grip and helps prevent falls and slips. In a 2-in-1, the Dragontrail Pro glass provides scratch resistance and better protection if the system is dropped in its corners. Engage students with the optional world-facing camera that offers dual-camera support that flips the viewing angle and recording angle. students who want to write.

DYNABOOK Windows 11 SE Laptop: DYNABOOK E10-S

Designed for distance and blended learning, the Dynabook E10-S is a full-featured 11.6-inch Windows 11 SE laptop that can be the perfect tool for students and their careers. With 35 years of experience helping students get the most out of their education, Dynabook (formerly Toshiba PC Corporation) has outfitted this small, lightweight device with a backpack-safe, reinforced chassis with bumpers, 180-degree hinges, and mechanically anchored The spill-resistant keyboard is key to enduring everyday classroom use. With an efficient Intel processor, solid-state storage, and an array of ports including USB-C, the Dynabook E10 easily keeps up with class. The laptop’s long-lasting battery helps students get through the day’s work and complete homework.

Also check out Dynabook Satellite Pro E10S powered by Windows 11.

HP Windows 11 SE Laptop: HP PROBOOK Fortis 14″ G9 Laptop

HP introduces new laptops to help students stay productive in the classroom, at home or on the go or a mix of all three. At the forefront is the HP ProBook Fortis 14-inch G9 Laptop, powered by Windows 11 SE. Designed to meet the higher demands of today’s students, the device features a 14-inch diagonal display, giving them a larger screen to stay productive, such as taking notes while watching a lecture or creating visual stories. Students can also see their work more clearly with the brighter, anti-glare display. This notebook helps students get through the day with confidence as they seamlessly access assignments and apps via Wi-Fi 6. With learning taking place in many different places, devices are vulnerable to more drops, bumps, and spills. Technology that can withstand the rigors of any learning location is critical. Starting at 3.70 pounds, the textured surface makes it easier for students of all ages to grip and handle lightweight equipment. Reinforced power and USB-C ports limit damage from accidental cable pulling, while mechanically reinforced corners and common-molded rubber trim absorb shock, and reinforced hinge minimizes damage to the hinge from repeated opening and closing pressure. Fixed keyboard prevents keys from being removed and spills up to 11.8 oz. Students can also use common household disinfecting and cleaning wipes to wipe down the case, keyboard, and monitor. Another laptop from HP with Windows 11 SE: the HP Pro x360 Fortis 11-inch G9 Laptop.

 Other HP notebooks in the Fortis portfolio that support Windows 11: HP Pro x360 Fortis 11-inch G9 Notebook, HP Pro x360 Fortis 11-inch G10 Notebook, HP ProBook Fortis 14-inch G9 Notebook, and HP ProBook Fortis 14-inch G10 Notebook computer.

JP.IK Windows 11 SE Laptop: JP.IK LEAP T304 and TURN T303

JP.IK’s Windows 11 SE device is an affordable laptop built for K-12 students: the Leap T304, starting at $219. The device’s lightweight yet sturdy design can withstand a drop of nearly 3.5 feet, has an anti-glare display, blazing-fast Wi-Fi, all-day battery life, and a swiveling 2-megapixel camera. With Windows 11 SE’s fast boot times and instant recovery, students are always ready to learn. Security features like Kensington lock and fTPM2.0 (secure boot enabled by default) help reassure parents and teachers that their child’s elementary PC is still safe. The Leap T304 comes in Forest Stewardship Council certified packaging, made from sustainably farmed forests and recycled plastic.

Another JP.IK laptop with Windows 11 SE: Turn T303, starting at $269. And, other JP.IK laptops with Windows 11 are Slide S301 and Leap Connect T304.

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Lenovo Windows 11 SE Laptop: Lenovo 10W Tablet

Lenovo has announced new additions to its broad education portfolio aimed at improving learning efficiency in the new era of education. The new equipment is designed to meet the demands of modern face-to-face and distance learning. Powered by Windows 11, the new Lenovo 10w tablet also includes the Qualcomm Snapdragon 7c computing platform for an always-on, always-connected computing experience with power and performance to help modernize learning. With its tough rubber bumper and Corning Gorilla Glass for better protection from everyday wear and tear, it’s ideal for younger students. The detachable keyboard converts the tablet into a 10.1-inch laptop, allowing students to type documents, take online exams, or collaborate with classmates. The optional Garage Pen further enhances interaction, as learners can annotate directly on the screen or highlight relevant topics through computer-assisted training tools. The 16:10 aspect ratio FHD display provides a better reading profile, and the front-facing and world-facing cameras facilitate distance learning and field trip photography. Students (and their parents) will also appreciate responsive performance, extended battery life, reliable Wi-Fi connectivity and enterprise-grade security.

Lenovo also launched the Lenovo 13w Yoga, which also runs Windows 11. If you’re looking for other Lenovo laptops with Windows 11 SE, check out 100w and 300w, 500w and 14w.

lenovo Windows 11 SE Laptop


In addition to the devices already mentioned here, there are more Windows 11 SE devices coming this year, including versions from Fujitsu and Positivo.


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