Microsoft: ChatGPT Coming Soon to Azure

The Redmond-based tech giant is working on a number of projects in parallel, trying to improve as much of the Windows product suite as possible. Last week Microsoft said Bing was about to get OpenAI ChatGPT integration, and this week let’s focus on ChatGPT integrated with Azure.

Why is ChatGPT coming to Azure soon?

Because the tech giant has something special in store for Azure customers everywhere.

Ever since ChatGPT made waves in the mainstream media, Microsoft has taken notice of it.
The capabilities and potential use cases demonstrated by the GPT-3 large-scale language model have managed to surprise consumers and businesses alike. Microsoft has invested $100 million in OpenAI, the startup behind ChatGPT. That’s why the Redmond company has promised to launch ChatGPT on Azure soon.

Microsoft has announced that its Azure OpenAI service is now officially released, and customers can access complex AI models such as GPT-3.5, Codex and DALL•E 2 on the cloud.

GPT is actually a large language model family that powers ChatGPT, Codex is a model used to convert natural language into programming code in GitHub Copilot, and DALL·E can generate images after receiving only text input.

The Redmond company claims that Azure is the best place to build AI workloads for customers of all sizes across industries looking to save time on operational activities and provide streamlined AI-driven services to end users. Customers can build AI applications on Azure by leveraging purpose-built AI-optimized infrastructure with enterprise-grade capabilities.

So, next, let us look forward to the integration of ChatGPT and Azure. But the actual release date is not yet clear.


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