Microsoft Brings Windows 11 Search Highlights to All PCs

After testing Windows Insiders in Beta and Dev Channel, Windows 11 21H2 brings a new taskbar feature called Search Highlights. Search highlights make it easier to discover Bing content without disrupting user flow.

As you can see in the image below, Windows 11’s search homepage and bars in the search panel will display interesting illustrations. So the search for highlights feature will help you discover more interesting content from Bing while maintaining high productivity. The Search Highlights feature will also highlight notable moments such as holidays, anniversaries and other international or even regional moments. Windows 10 21H2 Build 19044.1618 (KB5011543) is now available in Release Preview, which brings the Search Highlights feature.

Here are the details of the Windows 11 search highlights:

Windows 11’s new Search Highlights feature is gradually rolling out to users, and it’s still trying to push MSN and Bing content to Windows users.

Microsoft has been experimenting with pushing something similar with Microsoft Edge, and now integrates the feature directly into the taskbar.

Search Highlights works by exploring moment-related content such as Daily Content, Microsoft Rewards Offers, Word of the Day, Trending Searches, and more within the Search Homepage.

However, if the user is not interested in the feature, it is possible to turn off the search highlight and switch back to the old but slightly revised interface.

For Windows 10 users, you can turn off Bing’s search highlighting by right-clicking on the taskbar > Search> and selecting the “Show Search Highlighting” option to disable it.

Windows 11 users can turn off Highlights integration via the Privacy & Security page in the Settings app. Admins can turn off or control the feature through the Microsoft 365 admin center.

In addition, Microsoft’s search highlighting feature optimizes the workflow. If a user links a work or school Microsoft account to the operating system, they will see content recommendations relevant to the organization.

In addition to adding the search highlight function in the new version, Microsoft also fixed several bugs and glitches in the operating system. For example, an issue that might prevent users from logging into Microsoft Outlook and Teams on Android devices. As well as the issue of users not being able to upgrade from Windows 10 to Windows 11 due to vague error messages.


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