Linux/Windowsfx 11, Windows 11 Inspired Linux Distro

Windowsfx 11 is a Windows 11 inspired Linux distribution based on Ubuntu Linux 20.04 LTS. Windowsfx 11 is primarily aimed at users migrating from Windows to Linux. It leverages Linux’s visual and interface customization to make the free system more accessible to Windows users.

For nearly 20 years or so, Linux distributions have always claimed to be the best choice for helping Windows users transition to Linux. In reality, these distributions are nothing more than Linux with a Windows-like desktop.

Windowsfx 11, this Linux distribution is not just an interface tweak to resemble the Windows OS, but it does make some tweaks to improve the Windows user experience. Not only does the desktop look a lot like Windows 11, but it also behaves like Windows 11. For users who want to use Linux, Windowsfx is definitely the best of both worlds.

Before Windowsfx 11, Windowsfx already had custom versions of Windows 7 and Windows 10. The Windowsfx 11 preview for x86 adapts the user interface to what Windows 11 offers, general visual appearance and icons, a new start menu or start panel centered by default, and running Windows applications with Wine 6.

Linux/Windowsfx 11

Windowsfx 11 new features and requirements

Kernel: Kernel Linux 5.11 LTS.
Base package: Ubuntu 20.04 LTS Neon.
Desktop Environment: KDE 5.22.5.
Window Manager: Added Windows 11 window shapes, themes and window buttons
Desktop: Added light, dark and dark taskbar themes, changed some PNG icons to SVG
Windows executable support: Wine 6 for executing .exe and .msi.
Theme: Linuxfx WxDesktop Windows 11 theme.
Voice assistants: Helloa and Google.

Minimum requirements: Dual-core CPU and 2GB of RAM.
Recommended: 4-core CPU, 4GB RAM.
Minimum disk space: 20 GB.
Recommended disk space: 64 GB.

How to download and install Windowsfx 11?

Like any other GNU/Linux distribution or Windows version. Users can download the ISO image from their page on Sourceforge. And then burn the ISO image to a DVD or external USB drive to install Windowsfx 11. If you want to try it out without affecting your installed system, your best bet is to run it in Live-CD format.

Note: Since Windowsfx 11 is still in beta, it may be unstable or even buggy.


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