Is Windows 11 Slowing Down Your PC?

Microsoft Is Making System Run Faster

After upgrading to Windows 11, you may not the only one who finds that Windows 11 slows down you computer. The slow speed of Win 11 is a nightmare for working efficiency. Don’t worry. It is reported that Microsoft will fix the common issues in Windows 11 and make your computer run faster.

Microsoft Development Team has responded to this issue on a Reddit post that:”Performance will be an area of focus for us in 2022. A lot of that focus will go into startup/launch perf; in terms of UI elements rendering on the screen (after the framework is loaded), we’ve tested the scalability of doing things like putting 10k buttons on the screen, etc. Most of the UI elements render pretty quickly already, but it would be good to understand if there are specific UI element scaling/slowness issues you’re experiencing and we could take a look into that specific scenario.” That means in the 2022, Microsoft will make Windows 11 faster by figuring out the factors that cause slow down problem and give us the solution.

But not all the slow speed of your computer is caused by the Win 11 system. Sometimes, it may caused by lack of system optimization, outdated drivers, outdated hardware or other system settings. You can check the common issue that cause the slow computer on Windows 11/10 and solutions to fix them.

In my opinion, Windows 11 is still worth to wait. As we see Microsoft has always being focusing on the system development and will not give up its priority on it. We just need to wait for the future updates to ensure our computer run faster.


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