Is Overwatch 2 Cross-Platform?

The issue of Overwatch’s cross-play has always been a problem with Blizzard’s flagship FPS. Thankfully, the June 22 Overwatch patch has enabled cross-play.

Is Overwatch 2 Cross-Platform 2022?

Since the advent of cross-platform play, many developers have worked to add it to their games. The most common are Fortnite and PUBG. These games allow players to play together across different platforms.

Since its release in 2016, Overwatch has been available for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, PC and Nintendo Switch. But players have always relied on their platform’s servers. Blizzard and Sony are “discussing” merging servers. That’s why Overwatch players won’t be able to cross-play the game until 2021.

Updates until June 2021 allow Overwatch to support cross-platform play. Console players who play Overwatch without a Battle.net account only need a Battle.net account. in other words,

To play Overwatch cross-platform, console players must first link their Battle.net accounts.

Overwatch 2 on Windows 11

How to link console and Battle.net account?

As mentioned above, if you want to play with friends on different platforms, you first need to follow the steps below to link the console to your Battle.net account.

  • Please register a Battle.net account and log in.
  • Click your account name in the upper right corner.
  • Click “Account Settings” in the drop-down menu.
  • Then click “Connect”
  • Connect between Battle.net and your Xbox Live, Playstation Network or Nintendo Account.

Although competitive games are excluded from cross-play, they are in the competition, and the competitive players are divided into two pools. Players on consoles and PCs will be placed into separate pools. Players from PCs and consoles don’t mix in competitive matches.

So if you’re playing with friends on console and PC, you can only play non-competitive games together. In PC players, the matchmaking pool is players from PC and console. The console matchmaking pool will not accept mouse and keyboard players.


Overwatch 2 supports crossplay. You can play Overwatch 2 with your friends through different platforms.


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