Is Intel i7-8770K Processor Compatible with Windows 11?

The new Windows 11 has a more stricter system and hardware requirements to ensure the system performance than that of the previous system versions. Then it’s not strange that many devices with certain Intel or AMD processors can not install and run Windows 11 well. Then many users will ask whether can I run Windows 11 on a Intel i7-8770K processor.

Can Intel i7-8770K processor run Windows 11?

A reddit user u/Sean posted that i7-8700K is TPM 2.0 Compatible with “Intel TXT” built-in (Ref Below) – Windows 11. If anyone is looking to see if i7-8700K processor will run Windows 11 due to the TPM 2.0 requirement, you can take it easy now. The processor company including Intel, AMD, ect. uses the TPM 2.0 specification to create their own TPM chips. “Intel Trusted Execution Technology” or “Intel TXT” uses a TPM, and Intel TXT is enabled on the i7-8700K. Intel i7-8700k was and still is a very popular processor, so Microsoft has been supporting this processor.

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What should I do if my processor can’t run Windows 11?

Buy a new processor

You may consider purchasing a new processor that is compatible with Windows 11 and will work with your existing motherboard.

Buy a new computer
Buy a new computer with Windows 11 or buy another computer with an Intel 8th generation or later processor.


In summary, Intel i7-8770K based computers can run Windows 11 although the TPM 2.0 is required.


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