Is Intel i5-6400 Compatible with Windows 11?

No, Intel i5-6400 is incompatible with the Windows 11. It means Intel i5-6400 processor based computers can’t upgrade to Windows 11 from Windows 10 via the Windows update program. Lots of Intel i5-6400 processor users are disappointed that Microsoft does not allow Intel i5-6400 be compatible with Windows 11. However, there is a way to install Windows 11 on Intel i5-6400 based computers. Keep reading.

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Why is Intel i5-6400 processor incompatible with Windows 11?

Microsoft released a list of Windows 11 compatible processors, but the Intel i5-6400 is not on the list. Since the official release of Windows 11, Microsoft has not updated the list, which means the list of Intel processors compatible with Windows 11 can be considered as the final list. Therefore, we guess Intel i5-6400 based processors will not support Windows 11 in the future.

We all know that Intel 8th generation and higher processors are compatible with Windows 11. Intel i5-6400 is the sixth generation processor. That’s why it is not compatible with Windows 11.

Although Microsoft didn’t publish the reason for the incompatibility between the Intel i5-6400 and Windows 11, it is not difficult to guess that the incompatibility between the i5-6400 and Windows 11 may be for security reasons or performance reasons.

In order to ensure the best experience of Windows 11, Microsoft tested Windows 11’s performance and stability on a variety of processors. According to the test results, some processors running Windows 11 have a higher hardware crash rate than the benchmark hardware crash rate on the computer. These processors are considered as incompatible with Windows 11.

What does Intel i5-6400 incompatible with Windows 11 mean?

The Intel i5-6400 processor incompatible with Windows 11 refers to that Intel i5-6400 based computers won’t be able to get the official Windows 11 update via Windows Update program. If you check the compatibility of Intel i5-6400- by the PC Health Check App, the App will tell you that your computer can’t run Windows 11.

Can Windows 11 be installed on an Intel i5-6400 based computer?

Although Intel i5-6400-based computers will not be able to update to Windows 11 via Windows update program, you can still install Windows 11 on Intel i5-6400-based computers. Actually, you can install Windows 11 on any incompatible computers. There are details in the article How to Install Windows 11 on Unsupported PC to help you install Windows 11 on an Intel i5-6400 based computer.

Other options for using Windows 11 on Intel i5-6400 based computers?

Buy a new processor: Since the Intel i5-6400 is incompatible with Windows 11, you may consider purchasing a new processor compatible with Windows 11.

Buy a new computer: Buy a new computer preinstalled with Windows 11.


Intel i5-6400 based computers is compatible with Windows 11. However, you can still do a clean install of Windows 11 on an Intel i5-6400 computer. But you should pay attention that your computer won’t receive any security updates.


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