How to Zip and Unzip Files in Windows 11?

Your coworkers or friends would prefer to send you large files via emails or instant messengers as a compressed folders to save the device space and speed up the transfer. On the older Windows system versions, you usually need a third-party program such as 7-zip or WinZip to zip and unzip files. While you don’t need to install the program to do that on Windows 11 because it introduced many new built-in features including extracting and compressing files.

How to Unzip Files with Windows 11 Built-in Feature?

This is a feature we need frequently in our daily working. And now please follow the steps to get it done in a few seconds.

  • Locate the folder you’re planning to extract;
  • Right click on the certain folder and you will see the Extract All option and click it;
  • Choose the location where you want to save the extracted folders, and later you can directly find it;
  • Or you can also choose Show extracted files when complete under the location and then click Extract do finish unzipping folders.
Extract All
Extract Files Successfully

How to Zip Files with Windows 11 Built-in App?

It is also as simple as unzipping in the methods mentions above.

  • Locate the files you need to compress;
  • Right click on it and select Compress to Zip files;
  • The new zipped files will be saved to the same location.
  • Right click on the zipped files to rename it if you want to make it different from the current folder.
Compress Files on Windows 11

What’s important, we can only compress files to Zip format with Windows 11 default feature. If we want to compress folders to rar format, we still need to install third-party programs. The most commonly used are 7-zip and Winzip. Both of them have a free version to meet our general demands.


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