How to use Mural Online Whiteboard on Windows 11?

As MIRO and Invision freehand, MURAL is one of the best online digital whiteboard remote collaboration office tool.Centered around a digital whiteboard collaboration space,teams can collaborate in real time or asynchronously. With the help of MURAL, members in the team could unleash their genius ideas, taking insights and ideas from possibility to reality.This article will show you what MURAL can do for your team and how to download and use Mural Online Whiteboard on Windows 11.

What can MURAL Online Whiteboard do for you?

How to use Mural Online Whiteboard on Windows 11?

Brainstorming and Ideation

With dozens of ready-to-use templates and key features like private mode, timers and maps, it’s easy to lead more productive and engaging brainstorming sessions.

Conferences and Seminars

Facilitate teamwork to build trust, drive engagement, and increase collaboration in your next meeting.

Strategy and Planning

Increase alignment, solve more problems, and unlock innovation with distributed and remote teams by leading agile and lean ceremonies, design thinking sessions, and MURAL project planning.

Design Research and Analysis

Collaborate with clients or colleagues to discover new insights, visualizations and feedback, or gather prototyping requirements.

Customer Engagement

Improve customer collaboration by facilitating more interactive engagement, more productive discovery sessions, and better outcomes.

Notes and Text

Easily add ideas and feedback for further action.

Shapes and Connectors

Easily build diagrams to map complex workflows.


Quickly search a rich library of icons to build visual stories.


An effective way to organize content and ideas to discover insights.

Images and GIFs

Drag and drop visuals to enhance collaboration sessions.


Maximize your creativity by drawing and writing.

How to use Mural Online Whiteboard on Windows 11?

As an online whiteboard,we do not need to download any program or app to our device. Only a browser such as Google Chrome, Firefox is required.

Step 1: Launch frequently used browser and enter mural.com;

Step 2: Click Sign Up, Free Forever button to begin register;

How to use Mural Online Whiteboard on Windows 11?

Step 3: After finish the registration, you can begin to explore the mural whiteboard;

Step 4: Start exploring your whiteboard.

Frequently Asked Questions about Mural Whiteboard

What is Mural for?

Mural’s service is mainly used for online whiteboard collaboration.

Who are the main user groups of Mural?

The main users of Mural are individuals who need to use the online whiteboard to collaborate, media professionals, developers, and e-commerce users.

What platforms does Mural support?

Mural is a web-based platform, so you can use it directly from your browser without installing any apps.

Pricing of Mural Whiteboard

Free plan: Mural offers a free plan that can be used by individuals or small teams. Get your team off to a quick start.

Team Edition: $9.99 per person per month. Supports features such as unlimited murals and privacy controls in the workspace.

Business: $17.99 per person per month. All Team Edition features plus unlimited guests.


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