How to Use File Explorer in Windows 11?

File Explorer was known as Windows Explorer in earlier Windows systems and was changed its name from Windows 10. File Explorer is aimed at fast accessing and locating certain files and folders among numerous files on your devices. Therefore, how to use File Explorer in Windows 11 well will save us much time, by avoiding managing files in a mass. Read carefully to find out the ways about how to use Files Explorer in Windows 11 in an efficient way.

Except for how to launch File Explorer in Windows 11, the customization of File Explorer will also be introduced.

1. How to Launch Files Explorer in Windows 11?

Firstly, we should know what is File Explorer. It looks like a yellow folder, while is a built-in App on Windows system to manage all the files and folders.

Now here 3 quick ways: press Win +E on your keyboard at them same time; click the File Explorer icon on the taskbar to launch it; or just click Win icon and choose File Explorer.

After launching, you can check how to customize File Explorer on Windows 11 in the following part.

2. How to Customize File Explorer on Windows 11?

  • Expand the sidebar icons

After entering This PC, various system folders and drives of your device will be shown on the right-hand panel. Then hover the cursor over This PC, and a small arrow will appear. A click on the file of This PC will expand in the navigation pane. Or you can just double-click This PC for the same effect. 

  • Expand the folders

You can also do the same with viewing This PC contents for your C: drive to expand it in the navigation pane. Otherwise, you can double-click it, or hover and click the arrow to expand folders. It also works for expanding other drives.

  • Customize the view options

In File Explorer, you can customize how to view the contents according to your preference. After entering File Explorer of Windows 11, right click on any blank area to choose how to view files here: large icons, small icons, date, or other options.

  • Use different actions in Explorer

Besides opening and viewing files or folders in File Explorer, users can also do other actions in it, such as dragging and dropping files to a certain folder, or do the actions as Cut, Copy, Paste, Rename, Share and Delete.

  • Use the Search bar in Explorer

It’s not strange that Windows 11 has a system-wide search function which allows you to access from the Start menu. File Explorer in Windows 11 offers a search option of its own. Entering the search term in the box on upper right of the app window and hit Enter to start the search within the current folder. Because File Explorer only searcher the current folder as well as subfolders by default.

Or course, there are not only the above customization of File Explorer in Windows 11. We will keep exploring more actions we can do to help us saving more time on the system operations and making us more productive with Windows 11 system.


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