How to Use AD Block for YouTube Extension for Chrome

Ad Skip for YouTube is a Chrome extension used to block all ads on YouTube, including preroll ads, banner ads, text ads on YouTube videos. Moreover, AD Block for YouTube allow you loop your favorite videos with 1-click and take a screenshots of YouTube videos easily and quickly. In summary, this extension is aimed to block ads on YouTube videos and enhance your YouTube experience. Then, we will tell you how to use it. Just a few steps.

Step 1 Download and Install Ad Skip for YouTube.

Note: If you’ve already installed this extension, just skip this step and go to step 2.

Step 2 Right click on the extension icon and choose Options to configure the settings.

Step 3 Now, watch any YouTube video, you will automatically skip the ads.

Step 4 Click the Loop button, you can loop any videos.

Step 5 Click keyboard shortcut button when the video player has the focus or directly click on the following button.


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