How to Upgrade Windows 7 to Windows 11 Without Losing Data?

Windows 11 Build 22000.160 has been released a few days ago. Many users want to try the new Windows 11 update. But there is an upgrade requirement which stops the update of some system which don’t have 4gb ram or supported processor. This article will show you how to get Windows 11 upgrade from Windows 7 without losing any data.  

Download Windows 11 ISO

The first thing you need to create a new folder named Windows 11 on your desktop. Then, download windows 11 iso and appraiserres.dll. Open the downloaded Windows 11 iso and then copy all data to the Windows 11 folder.

copy files to Windows 11

Next, copy Appraiserres.dll to the source in Windows 11 folder.

copy Appraiserres.dll

And replace the original Appraiserres.dll under the source.Until now, all prepare are done.

replace Appraiserres.dll

Windows 11 Upgrade from Windows 7

Next, we can update your windows 7 to windows 11 now. If your windows 7 is not activated, you need a product key to active your windows 7 at first. You can check whether your windows 7 is activated or not by going to the properties. There is one more thing you need to pay attention. Before you update your windows 7 to windows 11, you’d better back up your windows 7. If you don’t like windows 11 or windows 11 works not properly, you can roll back to your windows 7. If you’ve already backup, then you can follow these steps to upgrade to windows 11.

Now open Windows 11 folder and run the setup and check I want to help make the installation better. Then, hit on Next button and accept the license terms.

install Windows 11

Then, you are asked to choose one option.

Note: If you want to keep your apps and files, just select the first one Keep personal files and apps. But if you don’t want to keep your apps, you can select the second one Keep personal files only. If you have nothing to keep, you can select the last one.

choose what to keep

After a while, a Ready to Install window will appear on your screen. Just click on the Install button.

install windows 11 pro

Then your system will automatically install Windows 11 so you don’t need to do anything.

installing windows 11 now

Now you can enjoy your Windows 11 to have a totally different experience between Windows 7 and Windows 11. As you can see in this article, Windows 7 can be updated to Windows 11 even it is not satisfied with the requirements of Windows 11 upgrade. So, windows 8, 8.1 or 10 also can update to Windows 11 regardless of hardware conditions.


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