How to Update Hardware Drivers on Windows 11?

As everyone knows that outdated or missing drivers on your system will cause the abnormally working for our PCs, such as no sound, no graphic, bad gaming experience or even the system crash. That’s why we should always keep the hardware drivers up-to-date.

How to Update Drivers on Windows 11?
How to Update Drivers on Windows 11?

Though there are many third-party driver updater that will automatically update the outdated drivers for you if you’d like to pay for it, including IObit Driver Booster, DriverEasy. We’d also recommend you to update the necessary drivers with Windows 11 itself. Because those products are very helpful when you clean install a new system and you don’t need to pay for it for a whole year, except you have a daily needs for the driver updating.

Usually, when you connect a new device to Windows 11, it will automatically install the proper driver for it. But sometimes, we still need to install or update driver manually. Therefore, we will introduce you the ways on how to update drivers on Windows 11 manually.

First, the Windows Update will automatically update the system and drivers if you didn’t turn of the update. When the update gets finished, you just need to restart your PC will make it take effect.

Second, we can update driver via the Device Manger in Windows 11.

  • Search for Device Manger in the search box;
  • Click on it to open the setting interface;
  • Locate the device and right click on it;
  • There will be the option – Update drivers. Click on it.

Taking the Disk drivers for example, you just need to click on Disk drivers to expand the details. Then right click on it to select the first option – Update driver to begin the driver update.

Update Drivers on Windows 11 with Device Manager
Update Drivers on Windows 11 with Device Manager

Of course, if you’re not familiar with the Windows 11 settings, the best choice for you is to update driver with third-party programs. And if you want to know more about the driver updating on Windows 11, you can also read our article: Update Drivers for Windows 11 or 10 (Intel Latest Driver for Windows 11)



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