How To Turn On Focus Sessions on Windows 11?

Focus sessions is one of the newly added features on Microsoft Windows 11. It is aimed to improve the working efficiency and productivity by well managing your time in a more efficient way. In this article, we will introduce you the way how to turn on Focus sessions on Windows 11.

What Windows 11 Focus Sessions Can Do for You?

The Pomodoro Technique is well known by many people who are caring about the work efficiency to manage tasks and time in a proper way. Your time will be divided to every 25 minutes to finish a task and you can set a five minutes rest as a reward after the goal is finished. In this way, you will be concentrated on the current work and will not be distracted by other tasks or instant messages. Also as you know, there are many third-party apps on both mobile device and desktop computers, but you can easily click to dismiss the settings to do other things not related to your working goal.

On Windows 11, the Focus sessions has the similar functions with The Pomodoro Technique. Both are aiming to help you focusing on the task to eventually improve the productivity in a relatively mandatory way. But it is also different from many of the third-party Apps that you are no longer needed to install another app to manage your task and time.

How to Turn on Windows 11 Focus Sessions?

Focus sessions has been introduced in the Windows 1122000.168, so you need to update your system to the latest version and enable the Clock settings.

Before introducing the ways to enable it, I would like to talk about the user interface again about Windows 11. The UI of Focus sessions is a modern style design with four columns where you can easily understand how to manage the goal and time in this feature. This is quite different from the traditional design from Microsoft system.

Now, please follow these steps to start your efficient working:

Step 1: Search Clock in Start Menu and click to open it;
Step 2: Select Focus sessions in the menu list, and click Get started. You will see how to add your goal and add to do list.

Enable Focus sessions on Windows 11

Step 3: Before start Focus sessions, your time is set as 30 minutes by default to focus on your task goal and 5 minutes for a rest. A simple click on the arrows to adjust the time you want to focus. Of course, if you don’t want to have a rest, you can select Skip breaks.

Time settings in Focus sessions

Step 4: If you wan to add more lists or task to Focus sessions, you can click the Sign in link on the left corner to log in with an existed Microsoft account to synchronize your to do lists.

Sign in Microsoft Account

Step 5: On the right hand of the interface, you can see the tasks you finished yesterday and how many goals achieved.

Step 6: For many users who are used to listening music while working, Focus sessions allows you to login your Spotify apps and import your music lists to playing music while you’re working. But first, you should install the Spotify app from Microsoft store.

Step 7: Windows 11 Focus sessions also allows you some customization on it by click the Settings under Sign in. You can turn on/off the end session sound, end break sound, and even turn on Spotify and to do list synchronization.

Customization on Windows 11 Focus sessions

Step 8: When all settings done, click X to exit the Setting windows and back to your work. The Focus session icon will always show on the top right corner as a pop. You can have a quick view of how many tasks you have finished and how many left.

Quick View of Tasks on Windows 11

Then you can focus on your work now.

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