How to Split Screen in Windows 11?

This article will show you how to split your Windows 11 screen into parts so you can use multiple apps simultaneously in Windows 11.

For users who often use multiple apps simultaneously, it has great affect on work efficiency to switch between use multiple apps. Fortunately, you can switch between use multiple apps with Windows 11’s Snap Layouts which helps you easily split screen in Windows 11.

The Windows 11 Snap Window feature allows users to split screen and access multiple windows at the same time. Windows 11 allows users to access to four or six (high-resolution monitors) windows at a time.

Before we go further, you must check if the “Snap Window” setting that allows split screen is enabled.

Enable Snap Window to Split Screen

Windows 11’s Snap Window feature is enabled by default. First check if the Snap windows function is enabled.

Press WINDOWS + I to launch the Settings application on your PC.

In System Settings, scroll down and click the Multitasking option on the right panel of the settings window.

Check that Snap Window is enabled. If not, enable the snap window.

Using Snap Layouts to Split Screen Windows 11

Integrate Snap Layouts into each window maximize button for to split screen quickly, which can be triggered by using keyboard shortcuts to snap windows.

Hover your cursor over the maximize button near the top right corner of the window, a small box will appear and you will see four or six different options for splitting the screen.

  • Option 1: Split the screen into two equal parts, the two windows occupy equal space on the screen.
  • Option 2: Split the screen in two, the left window takes up more space than the right window.
  • Option 3: Split the screen into three parts, the left window occupies half of the screen, and the two right windows occupy the right half of the screen.
  • Option 4: Split the screen into four parts, with each window occupying a quarter of the screen.

Split the screen into two parts

Open the application window that you want to split, hover over the maximize button, and select one part of the first option.

The current app window will now snap to the selected screen, and you’ll find thumbnails of other open apps, select the app thumbnail you want to add to the split screen.

Next, there are two application windows on the screen that you can access at the same time.

Move the cursor over the line separating the two windows until a thick dark line appears, hold and drag the line in either direction to resize the full window.

Split Screen into Two Sections 3

Split the screen into three or four sections

Splitting the screen into three allows you handle three applications at the same time. Hover over the maximize button and select one of the three sections in the third option.

The current window will adapt according to your previous selection, and other open windows will be displayed as thumbnails in the left half. Select the second window to process.

The second window will occupy the left half, and other open windows will be displayed as thumbnails in the remaining quarter. Select the desired app and it will take the last quarter.

There are three open windows on the split screen and the windows are resized.

Split Screen by Manually Snapping Windows to the Sides

There are two manual ways to split the screen. The first is to hold, drag and drop Windows to the desired corner, and the second is to use a keyboard shortcut. First, take the screen divided into two as an example.

The steps to split the screen into two are as follows:

Hold and drag the desired window to either side until the cursor moves to it. The second method is to open the window you want to split, then press WINDOWS + left/right arrow keys to split the screen in two.

When one of the windows occupies half of the screen, other open windows are displayed on the other half.

Drag the divider between the two windows in either direction to resize the windows.

Split Screen by Manually Snapping Windows to the Sides

The steps to split the screen into three windows are as follows:

Hold and drag any open window to a corner, and release the cursor when you see a blurry outline covering a quarter of the screen in the background. Alternatively, press WINDOWS + UP/DOWN CURSOR KEYS to make the window occupy a quarter of the display.

Other open applications will appear as thumbnails. Select the ones you want to add.

Drag the dividing lines of the three windows to resize the windows.

In summary

That’s all about how to split screen in Windows 11. You can use the methods provided in this article and choose one that is more suitable for you to split the screen and handle multitasking applications at the same time in Windows 11.


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