How to Speed Up Windows 11?

If you think your Windows 11 runs at a slow speed and want to make it run faster, this article will give you the solutions. There are many optimization options in Windows 11 to improve the device performance. This article will introduce 6 easy ways for you to speed up your Windows 11.

Change windows 11 settings

Goes to Personalization, here you will see the device usage, just click on it.

Windows 11 device usage
Windows 11 device usage

Now you will find several options, it depends on how you use your system and what will you use in your system.  If you using gaming, you can turn on the Gaming, which can optimize your gaming experience. If you will use family, creativity or other things, you can just turn on them.

Windows 11 optimization options
Windows 11 optimization options

The next step is Apps. In Apps, you need to click on the Startup. Now you can see some stuffs are turned on, which mean they start whenever you launch your system. You can turn off these stuffs that you don’t want them started when you start your system, because they will slow down your system. It will definitely be going to boost your system performance.  

Windows 11 apps startup
Windows 11 apps startup

Move back, now you will see the Offline maps, click on it. Just turn off all the things if you are not using maps.

Windows 11 offline maps
Windows 11 offline maps

Go back, the next thing is Privacy & security

Windows 11 privacy & security
Windows 11 privacy & security

1 You will see Find my device. If it is turn on, you can turn off it for you will not use this feature.

Turn off find my device
Turn off find my device

2 Next, go to General. If you don’t want to see any advertisements in your system, just turn off all of them under General.

Turn off windows 11 Ads
Turn off windows 11 ads

3 Then go back to click on Location, clear the history in your Location.

Clear location history

4 And next go to the Notifications, turn off Let apps access your notifications.

Notification of Windows 11

5 Go back to the Account info, turn off Let apps access your account info.

Account info of Window 11

6 Then back to the Phone call and turn off the Phone call access.

Phone access of Windows 11

7 Next back to Contacts, turn off Contacts access.

8 Then Calendar, turn off Calendar access.

9 Also turn off Email access Under Email

10 Next go back to Messaging and turn off Messaging access

11 Then back to Radio and turn off Radio control access

12 Finally, move back to Automatic file download and do not allow it.

Uninstall Unwanted Apps

Most of people don’t know how to uninstall unwanted apps in Windows 11. Actually, it’s very easy. Just go to Apps & feature, there are lots of apps you are not using but existing in your system, what you need do is just uninstall them.

Uninstall Windows 11 apps

Disable Unwanted Service

After uninstalling unwanted apps, what you should do is stopping unwanted services which you are not using definitely but they are running background.

1 Open service by press windows button & R, type service and hit on enter, disable Downloaded Maps Manager under Auto zone timer.

Disable Windows 11 services

2 Next one is IP helper. If you do not use IPv6, you can turn it off. The people who use IPv4 can disable IP helper under Display Enhancement Service.

Disable IP helper

3 Print spooler under Local session manager

Windows 11 printer

4 Touch keyboard and handwriting panel service under program compatibility assistant service.

5 Fax and Geolocation service under user profile service.

6 Cellular time under windows biometric service.

Clean Your C Drive

Right click on C drive and hit on Properties. Here you need to run this disk cleanup option. Check the following items and click OK to clean the files.  This cleanup also has another step. After a while, it’s clean. Click on Disk cleanup again and hit on Clean up system files. You will see it scans massive messages like previous windows installation. If you remove them, you can’t go back to windows 10. You needn’t to check them for they will be removed automatically after 10 days. But if you are sure you will not go back to Windows 10, then you can check this and delete them.

Clean Windows 11 C drive

Do Clean Boot

What is clean boot? Why you need to do clean boot? When you do a clean boot, it will stop unwanted services which are running background whenever your boot your system at that time it just starts and you are not using them. Time to time, whenever you use anything or any services so at that time these services just trigger or start so these service do not stop so we should stop them.

Press windows button & R and then enter msconfig and press enter.

Windows 11 clean boot

Click on service, check hide all Microsoft service to exclude all Microsoft service because if you disable Micosoft service, it may cause system false. Then click on Disable All to disable other services and then restart your system.

Stop services

Clear All Types of Cache Data

Press windows button & R, type temp, just continue and select all to delete. There are many temporary files.

clean cache data of Windows 11

Again, press windows button & R, type %temp%, click on continue and select all to delete. Some files may not be deleted for they are using. You can check to skip them.

Again, press windows button & R, type prefetch continue and select all to delete.

Now, all steps are done, you need to go to Restart. After restart, you will experience a new Windows 11 which is 10x faster than the Windows 10.



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