How to Setup NetSpeed Monitor on Windows 11

The network speed monitor is necessary for you if you want to know your network performance on your Windows 11 PC. NetSpeed Monitor will be recommended and how to setup NetSpeed Monitor on Windows will be introduced.

To get the basic current bandwidth and internet request and responding time, try Windows 11 free online internet speed test tool without downloading and installing any third-party tools.

While NetSpeed Monitor can provide you much more information than that, including your present add and download rate of your network. Then you can know better about the internet speed quite easily from your Windows 11 Taskbar. As a free and simple to use internet speed monitoring tool, NetSpeedMonitor is free for you to check internet speed on your system, and help you record the usage status.

How to Setup NetSpeed Monitor on Windows?

Before going, you should know that the developer has not update the version to make it perfectly run on Windows 11, but only the older version Windows 10/8/7 can run it.

How to Setup NetSpeed Monitor on Windows?

Step 1: Download NetSpeed Monitor;

Step 2: Click the exe file to run and install it on your Windows system;

Step 3: After the installation completed, please allow NetSpeed Monitor to run when startup and restart your PC unless you can notfind the online speed entirely on your own taskbar.

If you can also not get the internet information on your Windows system, please refer to its official site to get help.


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