How to Setup a Proxy in Windows 11?

For the Internet restrictions in some countries and some schools, numerous netizens around the world do not have the freedom to access Internet contents, such as social platform, popular movies or games. This is why users need to setup a Proxy in Windows 11 to unblock the regional restrictions and access interesting streaming.

How to setup a proxy in Windows
How to setup a proxy in Windows

Several ways about how to set a Proxy in Windows 11 will be introduced. Please keep reading.

Method 1: How to Setup a Proxy in Windows 11 Manually?

You can follow steps below to get it finished if your proxy doesn’t need a script.

  • Click Settings by launching Windows icon on the Taskbar;
  • Select Network & internet under Settings and click Proxy;
Network & internet settings in Windows 11
Network & internet settings
  • Under the Proxy settings interface, click Edit in the Manual proxy setup option.
Manual proxy setup on Windows 11
Manual proxy setup
  • Turn on Use a proxy server, and follow the steps to fulfill the IP address information, Port and check in Don’t use the proxy server for local (intranet) addresses.
  • Click Save to store your settings and open a website to test whether your setup has been done successfully.
Proxy information

Method 2: How to Setup a Proxy in Windows 11 via Script?

Some proxies will require to do settings with script to help you access the prohibited contents in your region or under your internet environment. Then you can do that with the steps below:

  • Repeat the former 2 steps mentioned above to enter the Proxy setup interface;
  • Click Setup under Use setup script;
Setup Proxy with Script
  • Turn on Use setup script and copy and paste the script information given by your provider;
  • Click Save to store the setting and open a website to test.

In general, Windows 11 will automatically detect the proxy settings if there are any changes. But if this doesn’t work well, hope this article will help you out. Enjoy your internet freedom!


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