How to Set Up Windows Hello in Windows 11?

Windows Hello is a biometric authorization method that allows you to access your Windows 11 device in real time. With Windows Hello, users only need to show their face and move their fingers, and they will be immediately recognized by a new device running Windows 11. Windows Hello is more convenient and more secure than using password, PIN or fingerprint to login computer. In short, Windows Hello is similar to unlocking an iPhone or Android phone with your face. This article will show you how to set up facial recognition and use your face to log in to Windows 11.

Steps to Set Up Windows Hello in Windows 11

You can set up Windows Hello in Windows 11 by following the steps below:

1 Click the Start button, and then click Settings. Or press Windows + I keys to open the settings directly.

2 Click on the account on the left side of the setting screen, and click on the login option on the right.

Set up windows hello

3 Expand Facial Recognition (Windows Hello) under the Login Method section and click the Settings button on the next screen.

4 Click the Get Started button at the bottom of the appeared Windows Hello setup window.

5 Enter your current PIN or password to verify identity.

6 Next, you are required to look at the camera, and then Windows will create a facial recognition profile.

7 After that, a message will tell you that you are ready to use Windows Hello.

Note: if you are wearing glasses during this process, please click on the link to increase recognition. Remove your glasses and repeat the process. It will help Windows Hello recognize whether you are wearing glasses or not.

Test Windows Hello

You can test Windows Hello after completing facial recognition. You don’t need to restart your PC, just press Windows + L keys to lock your device. Then look at the camera to log in.

If it does not work, go back to Start>Settings>Accounts> Login Options. Expand Face Recognition (Windows Hello) and click the Improve Recognition button. Then, facial recognition will re-run so that the system can be trained to better detect your face.

Disable facial recognition

If you want to disable Windows Hello, go to Start>Settings>Accounts>Login Options. Expand Face Recognition (Windows Hello) and click the delete button.

Confirm the account credentials and click on OK. Even if you cancel facial recognition to log in to the PC, you can still keep the settings before enabling facial recognition, such as using password, PIN or fingerprint to log in.

The above is about how to set up Windows hello. Windows Hello creates a fast and responsive login experience when it is running normally. If your laptop has a compatible camera in question, please check the manufacturer’s website for updated drivers.

If you are looking for other ways to improve the initial login experience, you can customize the lock screen. Or, if you like customization, you can change the Windows 11 lock screen wallpaper.


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