How to Set up Shutdown Timer on Windows 11

In this article, we will share you why should us schedule a shutdown on Windows 11 and how to eset up Windows Shutdown Timer on Windows 11.

Windows has being providing users the option to shutdown operating system atomically since Windows 8. Windows automatic shutdown feature is aiming at ensuring the safety of your computer.

Why Choose Automatic Shutdown on Windows 11?

Windows has being providing users the option to shutdown operating system atomically since Windows 8. While many of the users don’t know what are the benefits to do so. Now we will tell you the truth:

  • Windows 11 often shuts down abruptly after finishing the system updates, which often leads to the loss of our saved work.
  • We may often forget to shutdown our computer due to busy working, which will do harm to our system for long-term running.
  • Other system issues might happen if the system doesn’t shutdown for a longer time.

The Automatic shutdown will resolve all the above problems.

How to Setup Windows 11 Shutdown Timer?

Only 8 simple steps needed via Windows 11 Task Scheduler.

Step 1: Click Search from Taskbar and search for Task Scheduler;

Step 2: Click to run Task Scheduler app and choose Create Basic Task;

How to Setup Windows 11 Shutdown Timer?

Step 3: In the creating windows, name the task you want to create, add description to it, and click Next;

Step 4: Under the Trigger tab, choose when do you want the task to start: Daily, Weekly, Monthly,or one time setting, and then click Next;

Step 4: Taking daily setting for example, please choose the time you want to make it effective and choose how many days you need it to recur, then click Next;

Step 5: Under the Action tab, choose What action do you want the task to perform and click Next;

Step 6: Copy and Paste the following path in the ‘Program/Script’ field and click on ‘Next’;


Step 7: The basic task you just created will take effective after you click Next under the Finish tab.

Of course, excepting the above method to set up Shutdown Timer via Windows 11 Task Scheduler App, there are also many other third-party software which are working smoothly on Windows 11. After going through about 15 programs, we will recommend the following best Windows 11 shutdown timer software:

  • Shut Down Timer Classic
  • Timed Shutdown
  • Power Off Timer
  • TimeComX Basic
  • MZ Shutdown Scheduler
  • DShutdown


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