How to Set Up and Use Windows 11 Chat?

Microsoft integrates Chat on the task bar in Windows 11. Actually, it is the simple name of Microsoft Teams. Instead of Skype, Microsoft Teams Chat will enhance your experience on chatting. Let’ talk about how to set up and use Windows 11 Chat.

What Is Chat in Windows 11?

Before setting up, we should know more information about Chat in Windows 11. Windows 11 Chat is created to communicate through Teams and Chat, which is built on Teams Personal for Friends and Family. Windows 11 Chat simulates Teams for Work, which is the same as Teams Personal. Microsoft Teams provides lots of tools for collaboration. These tools make Teams become the right choice of remote work. But it is not easy for personal use. But now, Chat is created to be used for personal communication via Teams.

With Windows 11 Chat, you can not only have a chat with other users of Microsoft Teams but also have video and voice calls. Since Teams can be used on Windows 10, Mac, iOS, Android, which can help you communicate with lots of people you want.

Then, we will talk more details about how to set up and use Windows 11 Chat.

How to Set Up Windows 11 Chat?

Step 1 Click the Chat icon on the taskbar.

open Windows 11 Chat

Step 2 Click on Get Started button on the appearing window.

start Chat

Step 3 Log in with your account, such as your Microsoft account and then continue with it. 

Log in Windows 11 Chat

Note: if you’re logged into Windows, Your Microsoft account will be appeared in the log in window.

Step 4 Edit your user name which will be shown for others. You can also sync Skype and outlook contacts, which can help find the person you know. Next, click on Let’s Go.

use Windows 11 chat

A few minutes later, Chat app will pull all contacts information and you can click on any contact to begin chatting.

How to Use Chat On Windows 11?

Now you’ve already set up your chat successfully, let’s talk about chat features to enhance your chatting experience.

Windows 11 Chat window

The people you recently contacted will be listed in the Chat windows, you can click anyone you want to start a new window to begin your chat.

chat with recent contact

In the popup window, you can type your text your works with Bold, Italic, Underline and so on. Also, you can send emoji, GIFs and attachments to your contacts.

chat window

New chat

If you want to chat with a new contact which is not appeared on the window, you can click on Chat button to start a new chat window.

start new chat

Then, enter the name, email or phone number in the To filed and next send your message.

send message in Windows 11 Chat


Click on Meet button, you will start a new meeting and invite others to take part in your meeting through outlook or email.

meeting in Windows 11 Chat


There is a search option on the chat window, which can be used to searching for contacts. If the one you are searching is in the list, it will appear. What a pity, the search option can’t search for the chat content.

search in Windows 11 Chat

Until now, you’ve known Windows 11 Chat. But how should you if you don’t want this feature any more? Let’s continue to reading.

How to Disable Windows 11 Chat?

Open the Windows 11 Settings menu by pressing Windows plus I keys. Go to Personalization > Taskbar and turn off Chat.

Now, you will not be bothered by Windows 11 Chat any more.

disable Windows 11 Chat


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