How to Set Live Wallpaper in Windows 11?

Although Microsoft has added many new features to Windows 11, does Windows 11 have no live wallpaper feature?

No! Windows 11 does not have a live wallpaper feature. However, users can use the live wallpaper feature by downloading the wallpaper application from the Microsoft Store. Next, this article will explain how to add live wallpapers on Windows 11.

Steps to Add Live Wallpaper in Windows 11

step 1:

Search the Microsoft Store on the home screen in the taskbar.

Step 2:

Click the search bar for Windows 11 in the Microsoft Store, search for the Live Wallpaper app and click the app.

Step 3:

Click the “Get” option.

Step 4:

After installing the app, search for the app in the search bar of the Windows 11 search bar.

Step 5:

Choose a live wallpaper from the live wallpaper gallery.

That’s all for installing live wallpapers from the Microsoft Store. Therefore, even if Windows 11 does not support the function of live wallpaper, users can realize the function of live wallpaper by installing the live wallpaper application.


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