How to Scan and Detect Malware on Windows 11 PC?

With the development of the Internet, the online criminal is also keeping rising. New viruses, ransomware, malware, fishing, etc. are also challenging the netizens with various new types. Online security and privacy protection becomes the vital tasks for the operating system and anti-virus giants.

How to Scan and Detect Malware on Windows 11 PC?

To better assist you to protect you from being attacked by hackers, it is vital to turn on Windows Security to detect and block any kinds malware on your Windows 11 PC.

How to Scan Malware with Windows Security in Windows 11?

Windows Security is the built-in security tool in Windows to block viruses and malware and protect your network security. With Windows Security, any other third-party programs are not needed to take up your space. It is known to users who concerned with the antivirus tool that any antivirus tool would slow down the computer speed especially while scanning your PC. Therefore, the better way to scan malware on Windows 11 PC is to turning on Windows Security.

  • Click Start Menu icon and select Settings;
  • Select Privacy & security in the menu and click Windows Security under Security column;
Windows Security in Windows 11
  • Click on Open Windows Security;
Open Windows Security
  • After entering the Windows Security interface, select and click Virus & threat protection;
  • Then run the Quick Scan to begin scan and detect malware on Windows 11 PC.
Quick Scan

If you think your PC needs a more complete or deeper scan to remove all the files that may affect your computer security, you can also choose the more option to run Full scan. But it usually takes a longer time run the scan. If only a certain file or folder needs scanning, Custom scan would be your choice. What’s more, in case some malicious behaviors are difficult to be detected or removed from you computer, we would suggest you to turn on the Microsoft Defender Offline scan your Windows 11 with up-to-date threat database. But please save your work first because after the scan, your computer will restart to finish the scanning.

More options to scan malware in Windows 11

Scan Malware in Windows 11 with Third-party Programs

Generally, the Windows Security will provide you the comprehensive protection for your online activities. But some users may be used to using other professional tools to prevent privacy leaks and to prevent hackers. Here are some popular protection tools recommended to you.

IObit Malware Fighter: It has both Free and Pro versions and professional at malware and ransomware detection.

MalwareBytes: It has both home edition and business edition; both need to pay. But it has a large database to protect you in real time.

Avast Antivirus free: you need to register an account to start the protection but you can use it not only on Windows 11 but also on Android and iOS devices.


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