How to Run Windows 11 in VirtualBox?

We have introduced our readers about how to 5 Steps to Install Windows 11 on a Virtual Machine and the benefits about running Windows 11 with virtual machine in our previous article and recommend you several virtual platforms. In this article, we’d like to share you how to run Windows 11 in VirtualBox.

Oracle VM VirtualBox is freely available for Windows, Mac OS X and Linux. Therefore, you can get the Windows version from its official website. In the following parts, we will show you how to install Oracle VirtualBox and run Windows 11 with VirtualBox.

Only four steps are needed to get everything ready:

  • Download the Windows 11 ISO file
  • Install Oracle VM Virtual Box
  • Initialize the Virtual Machine;
  • Install the ISO

Now the detailed guidelines on how to run Windows 11 in Virtual Box will be introduced.

Step 1: Download the Windows 11 ISO file

To download the Windows ISO file, you need first to register in the Insider program. If you have already been in the program, please download the ISO file directly. Or you can follow another article for detailed steps about how to register in the Microsoft Insider Program and download the ISO file.

Step 2: Install Oracle VM Virtual Box

When the Windows 11 ISO file is downloading, please get the Oracle VirtalBox prepared. If it has not been installed on your device, please download it from its official page. Then click the exe file to install it.

Step 3: Initialize the Virtual Machine

A new virtual machine should be installed first, and then allocate some systems resources, so as to install the ISO file inside the new VM.

About allocating system resources, you can set that according to your use case. I just set it to meet the minimum system requirements. But if you want a smooth experience on it, at least 8GB RAM and 30 GB of storage space is recommended. After that gets finished, we can head to create a new VM in Virtual Box.

  • Open VirtualBox Manager and click on New and name it;
  • Select a location to store the VM. ( Please ensure you have at least 20GB free space)
How to Run Windows 11 in VirtualBox?
  • Make sure the type selected is Microsoft Windows and the version is Windows 11 (64-bit);
  • Choose Memory according to your need for the VM and click Next (more is better for better experience);
  • Choose Create a virtual hard disk now and click Create;

Then the VM will be installed on your computer. However, in order to ensure the performance on you VM, we should do the next steps to create at least 2 vCPUs.

  • Select the VM on the left side
  • Click on Settings in top bar
  • Select System > Processor
  • Change the Processor(s) to at least two
  • Click Ok

Then all the things will be ready. And we can go to the last step to install Windows 11 ISO file on Oracle Virtual Box.

Step 4: Install Windows 11 ISO file on VirtualBox

This is the last but the most step, please ready carefully in case something wrong happened.

  1. Click to run VM Manager;
  2. Click Add > Select Windows 11 ISO file > Click Choose;

3. Click on the start button to restart the VM;

4. The installing process will begin and just follow the process to continue install Windows 11;

5. Then all the installation process will be like that to install Windows 11 on a computer. The product key to activate the Windows is required on the next screen and you can choose “I don’t have a product key” button for this installation.

6. Choose which version of Windows 11 you’d like to install and continue. For the type of installation, please choose Custom: Install Windows only;

7. Choose the disk size for various drives on your VM or you can also customize the allocated disk size according to your requirements and continue.

At last, Windows 11 will begin to install on VirtualBox, and restart your VM to check whether it is working smoothly after all things get ready.


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