How to Rename PC in Windows 11? [ 2 Ways]

Usually, Microsoft will ask you to give your PC a name during the installation process of Windows 11. But you may make a typo when you named it or you may want to change the PC name after a while.

There are 2 easy methods will be introduced to help you rename PC in Windows.

Method 1: Rename PC in Windows 11 via Windows Settings

This is the easiest way with only 4 steps:

  1. Click Start Menu on Taskbar and select System;
  2. Select About and click on Rename this PC button;
  3. Enter your specific name and continue by clicking Next;
  4. Restart your PC to check whether you have rename Windows 11 successfully or not.
Rename PC with System Settings

Method 2: Rename PC in Windows 11 via Command Prompt

This is also a simple solution with the system options.

  1. Launch search box and search for cmd;
  2. Run as administrator for cmd;
  3. In the command prompt, Input: wmic computersystem where caption=’current-name’ rename ‘new-name’
  4. Restart your computer.

*Note: current-name is the name currently showing in Windows 11; new-name is the new name you want to use. Please remember to replace them in the code listed above.

Rename PC with Command Prompt

Of course, there will be no negative effects on your Windows 11 system. The only difference is only the displayed name. Therefore, if you want to rename it, just follow the step above.


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