How to Remove Weather Widget on Windows 11?

As we all know, Microsoft is used to add lots of items on taskbar by default. There is a wether widget on Windows 11 taskbar. However, lots of windows 11 users don’t like the wether widget on the taskbar. They are looking for method to remove or disable wether widget on Windows 11 taskbar. If you are one of them, then you come to the right place. This article is going to tell you three easy ways to remove or disable wether widget. Just keep reading.

Weather Widgetremove-Weather-Widget-from-windows-11

Remove the weather widget from the Windows 11 taskbar

One of the easiest ways to remove the weather widget is to disable it in settings. The steps to disable the weather widget from settings are as follows:

Press Start, then select Settings.
When the settings open, click Personalize in the list on the left.
On the right, select Taskbar Options.

Expand the Taskbar Items section and turn off the Widgets switch.

Turn off the switch to remove the weather widget from the taskbar.

If one day you want to turn the weather widget back on, go back to Start > Settings > Personalization > Taskbar and turn the widgets switch back on.

Note: Other taskbar buttons, such as Teams chat, can be turned on or off in the settings menu area.

Remove Weather Widget on Windows 11 via Group Policy

If you have Windows 11 Pro or later installed on your computer, you can remove the weather widget through Group Policy.

Use the keyboard shortcut Windows key + R to launch the Run dialog.
Enter and run the command gpedit.msc.
Navigate to the following path:

Computer Configuration -> Administrative Templates -> Windows Components -> Widgets


Double-click the Allow widget in the right pane.

Select the Disable option at the top, then click Apply and OK at the bottom of the screen.

Next, the weather widget will no longer be displayed. If you plan to re-enable the weather widget, you can go to the taskbar options in settings and turn on the toggle for grey widgets.

Using registry to disable the Windows 11 weather widget

However, the method of removing the weather widget on Windows 11 via Group Policy is not suitable for Windows 11 Home Edition, as that version does not include Group Policy. If you want to disable the Windows 11 Weather widget in Windows 11 Home, you can do so by editing the registry.

Note: Disabling the Windows 11 weather widget by editing the registry is risky for non-professional users and may cause system instability. So it is recommended to make sure to back it up, create a system restore point or do a full system backup before doing so.

Press Windows key + R to start Run.
Enter regedit and click OK.
When the Registry Editor opens, navigate to the following path:


Right-click Microsoft Keys and select New > Key.
Name the new key Dsh.
In the Dsh key you created, right-click an empty space in the right pane and select New > DWORD (32-bit) Value.

Name the key AllowNewsAndInterests and assign it a value of 0.

Restart Windows 11 and the weather widget will no longer appear on the taskbar.

Modify the Windows 11 taskbar

Microsoft’s default taskbar may have items that users don’t like, such as a weather widget. However, Microsoft allows users to remove or disable the weather widget in the three ways mentioned above.


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