How to Remove Account in Windows 11?

Read this article to help you remove local account and Microsoft account in your Windows 11 if you don’t like to manage several accounts on your device, or if you don’t need an account to login the system.But please pay for attention to the security of your important files and privacy, if you insist on removing account in Windows 11.

What’s a Microsoft Account?

When you’re installing Win 11, the system will give you the chance to create a Microsoft account to log in the system. Why? With this account, you will be allowed to access all the service provided by Microsoft, including the Windows 11/10/8 system, Outlook, Microsoft Store, Xbox, Skype etc. And you don’t need to create another account for each of the service. Just like that for Google.In case of you replace your device, you can also log in with the Microsoft account to get your personal system related history. But with the local account, you need to back not only the local folders but also the system related online history.

In addition, what’s a local account for Windows 11 is introduced here, to help you know the differences between Microsoft account and local account better.

How to Remove Local Account in Windows 11?

Only a few steps are needed to finish the local account removal in Win 11.But please make sure you or your member has backed up all the files needed before that. Because the system will not remember those for you anymore after removing the local account.

Step 1. Please make sure you logged in the system with Administrator account;

Step 2. Click Start icon in Taskbar and click Settings;

Step 3. Select Accounts in the Menu and choose Family & other users;

Remove Account in Windows 11 Settings

Step 4. Under Other users, select the account you want to remove;

Step 5. Click Remove button to get it removed from Windows 11.

Step 6. Microsoft will ask you to whether to delete the account and data,because removing the local account will remove all the account data from your PC. If you have confirmed that, just click Delete account & data button.

Delete Account and Data in Windows 11

How to Remove Microsoft Account in Windows 11?

It is very similar to remove Microsoft account from Windows 11 to that of removing local account.What you need to do is to repeat the above steps and choose the Microsoft account you want to delete and continue.

But if you don’t have an Microsoft account yet, and you want to use it. You can create and Microsoft account anytime.


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