How to Refresh Windows 11? [3 Methods]

Windows 11 Insiders reported that refreshing Windows 11 PCs is not the same with that for Windows 10 devices. In this article, we will introduce you 3 easy but effective methods on how to refresh Windows 11.

How to Refresh Windows 11 with Hot Key F5?

This is easiest method for all of the Windows 11 users, especially for the newbie. A simple press on the hotkey F5 to quickly refresh all your Windows 11, Windows 10, Windows 8 and even older version of Windows system.

Note: The hotkey on different brands computers may be various. If the F5 Hotkey is not working for you. Please contact the merchant to make sure which is the hotkey to refresh Windows 11.

How to Refresh Windows 11 with Shortcut Shift + F10?

This keyboard shortcut has also been proved to be simply and effective. Just press Shift + F10 keys simultaneously to open the context menu, and then choose Refresh option to refresh your Windows 11 system successfully.

How to Refresh Windows 11 with Shortcut Shift + F10?

How to Refresh Windows 11 with Contex Menu?

The Context menu is widely used to help Windows users solving many system issues and providing so many quick access to the system functions. Refreshing Windows 11 could also be done via the context menu.

Here the detailed steps are:

  • Click on anywhere in the blank area of your Windows 11 desktop;
  • There will be a popup showing with many options;
  • Choose Refresh; if there is no such options, please click Show more options;
  • Your Windows 11 PC will be refreshed immediately.

Why Do You Need to Refresh Your Windows 11?

As we all know that the Refresh feature will keep all the contents up-to-date even after we make many changes to our computer. Or sometimes, our computer may get stuck, we need to refresh it to let it work smoothly again. Usually, your Windows 11 system will refresh automatically, while some times, we may need to refresh manually in certain cases. In such situation, you can try the above 3 methods to refresh Windows 11/10.


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