How to Personalize Windows 11 Taskbar?

As we all know that Windows 11 has a significant improvement on its user interface design, including the Taskbar. It is centralized on the bottom bar. But we still have some methods here introduced for you on how to customize Taskbar in Windows 11.

Personalize Taskbar Items

The default items on the Taskbar are: Start menu, Search, Task View, Widgets, Chat, Edge and folder. If you need to personalize which items to be shown on Taskbar, please follow steps below:

Taskbar Personalization
  1. Search Taskbar in the Search box and click Taskbar settings;
  2. Under the Personalization, you can switch the button on the right to decide which item to be listed on Taskbar;

Personalize Taskbar Behaviors

Except for the default taskbar items personalization, we also have the option to customize the Taskbar behaviors to manage the Taskbar alignments, badging and displays.

Change the alignments of the Taskbar to the left.

Change Taskbar Alignment in Windows 11
  1. Search Taskbar settings and click on it;
  2. Scroll down to Taskbar behaviors and select Left in the drop-down menu on the right;
  3. The Taskbar will be on the left.
Taskbar alignment

Change Taskbar Colors

If we want to replace the default Microsoft blue color for the taskbar, we can change the colors to your favorite one by the following steps:

Change Taskbar Colors
  1. Click Colors under Personalization;
  2. Switch to Dark Mode for Windows 11;
  3. Choose color under Accent Color;
  4. Turn on Show accent color on Start and Taskbar;
  5. The chosen color will take effect.

Of course, we will keep on exploring more settings and personalizations for Windows 11 Taskbar to help us improve our working efficiency and make our daily working more interesting.


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