How to Open .numbers File on Windows 11/10?

Spreadsheet created on Mac OS could not be opened directly with Excel on any Windows operating system, including Windows 11 and Windows 10. Have you ever came across that someone sent you a .number format file from Mac and you failed to open it on Windows 11 Excel? This article will introduce you two methods on how to open .numbers file on Windows.

Method 1: Open Numbers File on Windows via iCloud

Opening numbers file on Windows PC via iCloud is the most recommended way, as it will not damage the original data. But an iCloud account is required.

Step 1: Create an iCloud account; if you still have one, please sign in directly via Apple;

Step 2: Enter your account (email or phone number) and your password;

Step 3: After logging in, you will see several apps, and just click Numbers to launch it;

Step 4: Upload the .numbers file on your Windows PC by clicking the cloud shape icon;

Open Numbers File on Windows via iCloud

Step 5: Click Open to browse the .numbers file on your Windows 11/10 now.

Method 2: Convert the Numbers File to Excel Format via Third-party Tools

Nowadays, cross OS share is not strange for us. Opening numbers on Windows has already become easier than before, even without the iCloud account. Many developers has developed free online file convert tool or desktop app to help us convert numbers file to excel compatible format on Windows OS.

  • Zamzar – has a online free tool to convert NUMBERS to XLS;
  • ConvertCloud – a professional Numbers to Excel converter to convert .NUMBERS to .XLS or .XLSX files;
  • Online-Converter – Convert NUMBERS to EXCEL online and without paid.

Now you can pick up a methods that you prefer to open .numbers File on Windows 11/10


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