How to manage passwords in Windows 11?

Too many passwords were generated as the online working, shopping,banking, etc have been one of the most important part in daily life. How to manage passwords for various accounts comes as a problem for netizens.In this article, we will introduce you the safe and easy to manage passwords in Windows 10/ 11.

View Store Passwords in Credential Manager

In Credential Manager, you can check all the web or system account passwords stored in Windows 11. The steps are going as follows:

Step 1: Open Control Panel by search it in the search box;

Step 2: Click User Accounts;

Step 3: Under Credential Manager, you can choose Manage Web Credentials or Manage Windows Credentials to view and manage all stored passwords in Windows 11 system.

How to manage passwords in Windows 11?

Change Windows Passwords

Usually a strong password is recommended and you’d better change the Windows 11 login password regularly to better protect your information.

Step 1: Click Setting;

Step 2: Navigate to Accounts and choose Sign-in options;

How to manage passwords in Windows 11?

Step 3: Click Passwords and choose Change to start change Windows 11 login passwords;

Manage Browser Passwords

In general, all the web passwords will be saved in the browser. Then there is no need to open Credential Manager in Windows to check and manage the browser passwords. Once the login details changed, the browser will update it automatically. Delete the old data via Credential Manager first, and then you can change the password of a particular website and let Windows save the it.

View or Manage Password Via Third-party Tools

Nowadays, there are many third-party tools that can help you manage, store, and create secure passwords. If you’re using the Chrome browser most, Google Password Manager is the most recommended one, which can easily sign in to sites in your Chrome browser and Android and iOS apps.Except that, the best password managers for 2023 are:NordPass, Robform, Keeper, Dashlane, 1Password, Stciky Password,etc.


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