How to Integrate ChatGPT with Gmail?

More and more people sign up to use ChatGPT, and it can really bring convenience to people’s work. If you need to edit email frequently in your work, then integrating ChatGPT with your Gmail will make your work easier and more efficient. Let’s take a look at how to integrate ChatGPT with Gmail and how to use ChatGPT efficiently.

Tips for using ChatGPT with Gmail

1 Input = Output – To get relevant responses to your emails, you must provide clear and concise instructions. If the instructions were specific, the resulting email would be more appropriate.

2 Create an account on ChatGPT – Before adding the extension, please make sure you are registered on ChatGPT. It makes using the extension much easier, especially if you’re in a hurry.

3 Same Gmail Account – You must sign up with the same Gmail account you used to use the extension.

4 Get Ideas – If you want to send a business proposal or a guideline, you can use this extension to get an outline and paragraphs.

5 Response Failed – If ChatGPT comes with an incorrect response, try to rewrite the given pointer or change the context to make it understandable.

How to Integrate ChatGPT with Gmail?

NOTE: Before starting, please create an account on ChatGPT.

Install ReplAI – ChatGPT for Gmail

1 Log in to your Gmail account.

2 Go to Settings and click View All Settings.

3 Now switch to Add-ons and click Manage.

4 In the search bar, type ChatGPT. You will get ReplAI – ChatGPT for Gmail extension.

5 Click the Install button.

6 In the next window, click Continue.

7 Now select your Gmail account.

8 Click “Allow” to use the extension.

Use the extension to compose emails

1 Go to Gmail, click Compose or Reply.

2 Find and click the ChatGPT Writer Extension button next to Send; it will ask you to log in.

3 Once logged in, on the ChatGPT Composer page, under “Briefly Type What to Reply to”, type the highlight of what you want to write.

4 Click the Generate Reply button.

5 When you receive a reply, click the “Insert Generated Reply” button to copy the reply into the body of the email.

The above are the detailed steps to integrate ChatGPT with Gmail. If you need to use ChatGPT with Gmail, please follow the steps provided in this article to integrate ChatGPT with Gmail.


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