How to Install Windows 11 with Bypassing TPM 2.0 Requirement?

Many Windows users are very excited about the release of Windows 11, but most of them can’t install Windows 11 on their computer, because Microsoft has a detailed requirements on the installation and system running. Among the requirements, the one that Microsoft doesn’t and will not provide a solution for that is TPM 2.0. Therefore, in this article, I will show you how to bypass TPM 2.0 and install Windows 11 successfully on your computer.

But first of all, we should know what TPM is and what is used for, and then we can find out the solution.

Bypass Windows 11 TPM 2.0

What Is TPM 2.0?

TPM, is known as Trusted Platform Module is an international standard for data security. TPM is a chip built in computer with crypto-processor to allow users secure data such as generating, storing and limiting the cryptographic use. TPM is not a new thing for us, since it has been standardized in 2009. And it could provide hardware random number generator, and encrypt data with the TPM blind key etc. Therefore, Microsoft will think it is necessary to implement in not only on Windows 10/7, but also on Windows 11, then the system attacks from malicious behavior will decrease.

How to Check TPM 2.0?

Here the step-by-step guide is:

Step 1: Use the hot key Win+R to launch Run;
Step 2: Enter ‘tpm.msc’ in the run box and select Okay;
Step 3: The TPM tool will be open and shows you whether your computer is available with TPM or not. If you see The TPM is ready for use, congrats, everything is Okay. If not, you will get the message: Compatible TPM cannot be found. Then, you may want to know how can I install Windows 11 without TPM 2.0.

How to Bypass TPM 2.0 to Install Windows 11?

First, you should get the Windows 11 ISO file which has been released several days ago.

Then, you can follow the installation guide to start the installation of Windows 11. Here is the brief introduction, and if you want to know more details about how to install Windows 11 ISO file, you can click to read this article.

Start the installation and click Next ->Select your region, language and time and then choose Install Now ->Select your Windows version and choose I don’t have a product key if your device has been activated. Then you should agree to Microsoft terms and policy to continue and you will see: This PC can’t run on Windows 11.

This PC can’t run Windows 11

Don’t worry. Till now, we come to the steps to bypass the requirements and install:

Stay at the screen, and press Win + R on your keyboard to run Command Prompt.

In the Command Prompt, please enter regedit.exe and press Enter to start modify Registry Editor where you can modify the registry.

Under HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\Setup, right click the Setup key and choose New to create a new key “LabConfig” and press Enter.

Right-click on the LabConfig key and  select New -> DWORD (32-bit) value where you can create two values: BypassTPMCheck and BypassSecureBootCheck -> Set their DWORD32 value to 1 ->Press Enter ->Shut down the Registry Editor.

Registry Editor

Now, please click the back button in the installation setup where it hints “This PC can’t run Windows 11” ->Accept the terms of Windows and continue to select Custom: Install Windows only (Advanced) to finish the installation.

Now, Windows 11 is running on your computer.


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