How to Install Windows 11 on Surface Duo (128GB)?

This article will show you how to install Windows 11 on your Surface Duo, including the software you need during the installation. This method is only for Surface Duo 128GB devices and has not been tested on 256GB devices.

Required files:
TWRP image: twrp.img
Parted: parted
Boot package: DuoBoot.tar
Custom UEFI: boot.img
Platform Tools from Google (ADB and Fastboot)
An ARM64 Windows build of your choice (specifically the install.wim file). You can use UUPMediaCreator for this
The driver set: SurfaceDuo-Drivers-Full.zip

Do not create partitions from mass storage mode (as ABL will break with spaces/spaces in the name). It will wipe all your Android data. We are not responsible for any damage to your phone caused by this method. By using this method, you agree to take full responsibility for your actions. While we’ve done some testing, there may still be issues. After installing Windows 11 on the Surface Duo (128GB), you can use both Android and Windows. Both Android and Windows will split 128GB of RAM (64GB and 64GB). Android boots normally, but requires a PC to boot Windows.

Steps to to Install Windows 11 on Surface Duo

Unlock the bootloader

Backup all data as data on your Android will be deleted.
Boot Duo to Android and plug it into your PC:

Open a command prompt on your PC and run the following commands:

adb reboot bootloader

You will reboot into the Duo’s bootloader.

fastboot flashing unlock

Make partition

Start TWRP first:

fastboot boot twrp.img

Once in TWRP, touch won’t work. Connect your phone to your PC and execute the following commands:

adb push /sdcard/
adb shell “cp /sdcard/parted /sbin/ && chmod 755 /sbin/parted”
adb shell

Use your PC to issue commands directly from within the Duo. Let’s run parted and partition:

parted /dev/block/sda

Make sure that the last partition number listed is 6.
Note the original size, here it is 51.9MB -> 112GB
Run these commands:

mkpart esp fat32 51.9MB 180MB
mkpart win ntfs 180MB 57344MB
mkpart userdata ext4 57344MB 112GB
set 6 esp on

You will jump out of the partition.

We deleted the 6th partition, the Android userdata partition, and created 3 partitions: an esp partition with Windows boot files, a win partition with Windows, and the last one is the new userdata partition for Android, just smaller.

mkfs.fat -F32 -s1 /dev/block/sda6
mkfs.ntfs -f /dev/block/sda7
mke2fs -t ext4 /dev/block/sda8
mkdir /sdcard/espmnt && mount /dev/block/sda6 /sdcard/espmnt/

Let’s load the files from duoboot.tar into Duo, which will be necessary to boot and enter mass storage mode:

adb push /sdcard/
adb shell “tar -xf /sdcard/DuoBoot.tar -C /sdcard/espmnt”
adb shell “mv /sdcard/espmnt/Windows/System32/Boot/ffuloader.efi /sdcard/espmnt/Windows/System32/Boot/ffuloader.efi.bak”
adb shell “cp /sdcard/espmnt/Windows/System32/Boot/developermenu.efi /sdcard/espmnt/Windows/System32/Boot/ffuloader.efi”
adb reboot bootloader

You’ll be back in the Duo’s bootloader.

Boot Custom UEFI

Let’s boot into custom UEFI:

fastboot boot boot.img

The above steps are required every time you want to start Windows.

You should be thrown into the developer menu.

Use the volume up/down buttons to navigate to mass storage mode, then press the power button to confirm. Once in mass storage mode, we can move on.

Install Windows

Make sure you are in mass storage mode and your Duo is plugged into your PC
Mount the partition you created with diskpart and assign it some letters:

ACTUAL COMMANDS START WITH AN HASHTAG (which you’ll need to remove)

list disk

Find the Duo Disk, and take note of the number.

select disk

list partition

You’ll be able to recognize the partitions we made earlier by their size. take note of the ESP and WIN partition numbers.

select partition

assign letter=Y:

select partition

assign letter=X:

You will load two partitions, one is the ESP partition and the other is the Win partition.

Warning: assume X: is the Win partition and Y: is the ESP partition for the next command. Replace them properly or you will lose data on your PC.

Run these commands:

dism /apply-image /ImageFile:”” /index:1 /ApplyDir:X:\
bcdboot X:\Windows /s Y: /f UEFI

Windows is now installed, but no drivers.

Install the driver

Extract the driver, then from a command prompt:

dism /image:X:\ /add-driver /driver:”” /recurse

Once done, you can restart your phone. You will be able to use Android and your phone will work. Set it up if needed.

Launch window

Manually reboot the phone into the bootloader (press and hold the power button + volume down until the Microsoft logo appears, then stop pressing the power button but keep pressing the volume down button).
From a command prompt:

fastboot boot boot.img

If you did everything right, Windows will now start! enjoy!

Enable usb

Still assuming X: is the installed Duo Windows partition:

reg load RTS X:\Windows\System32\config\SYSTEM

Open regedit.exe and edit this registry key:



Set the key to value 1 and you are done.


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