How to Install & Setup OpenVPN on Windows 11?

Many users use VPN to hide their IP and Internet traces, especially when using public wifi, using a VPN can protect users’ privacy. In addition to protecting privacy, using a VPN can also give users access to restricted TV shows, movies, and games in other countries. Of course, using a VPN isn’t all about entertainment. Employees working from home can use a VPN to connect to the company’s network, allowing employees to view sensitive information on the company’s network through their devices.

Today, this article will introduce you to a free VPN to use on Windows 11, namely OpenVPN. Let’s take a look at how to install and setup OpenVPN on Windows 11.

How to download and install Open VPN on Windows 11?

Open the OpenVPN download page.

If your system is 32-bit, select Windows 32-bit MSI installer. If your system is 64-bit, choose the Windows 64-bit MSI installer.

After the download is complete, double-click the file to run the installer.

The installer window opens. Click the Install Now button.

Click the Yes button on the UAC window.

The installer will now run and complete the installation of OpenVPN on your system.

An OpenVPN GUI shortcut will appear on the desktop as shown below.

At the same time, the OpenVPN icon can also be seen in the taskbar tray, as shown below.

openvpn icon

If the OpenVPN window shows that no readable connection profile was found, click OK.

openvpn icon tray

These are the steps to install OpenVPN. Next let’s examine how to configure and set up OpenVPN.

openvpn configuration

How to configure Open VPN on Windows 11?

Configure Open VPN for Working:

If you are using Open VPN for work, your company will provide you with a configuration file. You just need to import it into the system as follows

Right-click the OpenVPN icon on the system tray.

Select Import.

import opevpn file

Make the appropriate selection from the context menu and import the configuration file into OpenVPN.

After the import is successful, you will see the message File Import Successful.

Double-click the OpenVPN icon in the taskbar.

Enter the username and password provided by the company and press Enter.

Configure Open VPN for personal use:

If you are not using it for work, but for personal use, you can choose a paid or free OpenVPN service model. In the next steps, we will use vpnbook’s free vpn service.

Open the free VPN service of VPN book.

Navigate to the bundles listed in the Free OpenVPN section. Scroll down to the end and remember the username and password shown.

From the available bundles, select any bundle of your choice.

You will find a downloaded zip file.

Right-click the file and select Extract All.

extract all openvpn files

In the Extract Compressed Folder window, provide a suitable location and click Extract.

extract folder for openvpn

After the extraction is complete, open the folder.

You will see a number of configuration files listed.

Right-click an OpenVPN icon in the system tray as shown below.

Select Import.

Select Import File.

Locate the location where you extracted the files (see steps 7, 8, 9)

Select any file and click OK.

After importing, you will receive a message that the file was imported successfully.

Double-click the OpenVPN icon in the taskbar.

Then enter the user name and password in step 2 into the prompt window, and then click the OK button.


This is the way to install and setup OpenVPN on Windows 11. it’s easy and fast. After installing OpenVPN, you can enjoy free VPN on Windows 11 now.


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