How to Install A New Language on Windows 11?

During the clean installation of Windows 11, you have the choice to set the default system language on your Windows 11 devices. Windows 11, like the previous versions of Windows system, supports a range of languages for the worldwide users. Therefore, even though you have chosen a default language, you still have the methods to install a new language for Windows 11 PC.

In this article, we will show you the details steps about how to install a new language on Windows 11.

Step 1: Click Start icon and choose Settings app;

Step 2: Select Time & language, and then choose Language & region;

How to Install A New Language on Windows 11?

Step 3: In this page, Windows display language will be shown. And click the blue button Add a language to install your preferred languages;

How to Install A New Language on Windows 11?

Step 4: Get your preferred language by searching or scrolling the mouse, and click Next; please note that the language you chose will support speech-to-text and voice recognition.

Step 5: In the next page, you’re allowed to make several choices: Optional language features for Language pack, Text-to-speech (Speech recognition), Handwriting; Language preferences such as Set the language as Windows display language; after check the options, please click Next;

Step 6: Windows 11 will install your preferred language automatically.

If you have more than one language installed, you still have to option to switch the default one among them. If you need to install another new language to Windows 11, repeat the above steps.

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