How to Get Your System Information on Windows 11 & Windows 10?

4 Most Common Methods Introduced to Check Your Computer Specifics on Windows 11.

In order to ensure the normal working of our mobile devices, we usually check the system information or the requirements of a new system or new Apps. We also recommend you to know the Windows operating system information and computer specifics to make sure we make a right decision. Taking computer games for example, if we blindly install a game with no learning about the configuration of the RAM, CPU and GPU, our computer will get stuck. Therefore, it is evident that it is important to check and get the PC information.

It is simple to know the PC information on Windows 11 and Windows 10, such as the Windows system version, the hardware and software installed. There are 4 easy as ABC methods will be introduced step-by-step.

Get System Information on Windows 11/10

Tip 1: Check Your System Information Running with Windows 11/10 in Settings

Settings on Windows 11:

Click on Windows Icon in the center on Task Bar -> Choose Settings which is listed between Task Manager and File Explorer.

After entering the Setting interface, click System shown in the top left -> Click About, where you will check device specifications, Windows specifications and rename your PC.

By entering the About page, we can see all the information about our device name, processor, installed RAM, device ID, Product ID, System type, as well as Pen and touch.

If you’d like to play computer games, please pay attention to the Processor and RAM information to check whether your computer meet the requirements of installing the game, for example, Call of Duty and LOL both have a high system and hardware requirements.

On Windows 11, we can also click to copy ( on the top right corner) the PC information to share to others.

Settings on Windows 10:

The method introduced above for Windows 11 is also available for Windows 10. What the difference is that the Windows Start menu is on the left corner of your screen.

Of course, you can also directly search System Information in the search box listed beside the Start button. Then you will get a very detailed information about System name, version, System SKU, BIOS date etc. What’s more, you can also check the hardware resources, components and software environment about your computer.

Tip 2: Check Your System Information Running with Windows 11/10 via System Information Software

2 most easy-to-use third-party software to check system info are recommended after going through 5 software.

  • IObit SysInfo – from IObit who is professional in PC health solutions.
  • Speccy – from Piriform whose Ccleaner is famous in PC clean and speed up.

Though IObit has been serving worldwide users for more than 10 years, but its SysInfo is quite fresh for customers which was launched only a few months ago. Because we have always been keeping an eye on IObits’ new products.

Get PC Information on Windows with IObit SysInfo

Compared with Piriform Speccy, IObit has a more modern website and UI design. Besides the basic system information about operating system, processor, memory device, display and network information, it also provides a real-time monitor about the CPU, GPU, Disk and Motherboard temperature. The eye-catching temperature overheats alert listed at the bottom of the software will help to guard your hardware and prevent damages caused by overheat.


  • Totally Free to Use
  • Lightweight
  • Fast Detecting Speed
  • Modern UI and Website Design
  • Show All the System Information Needed
  • Support Information Export
  • Hardware Temperature Alert


  • No Smart Solution Provided in Case of High Temperature of CPU

Piriform Speccy who enjoys numerous customer worldwide provides both a free version and a paid version. With the free version, we can get he full system information and after running the detection, we can also save the scan result as a snapshot or XML. With the paid version, it offers users automatic updates for the system info check and premium support.

Check Windows Information With Speccy


  • Free Version Meets Basic Demands on Windows System Information Check
  • Easy to Use
  • Fast to Download and Install


  • Paid Version Features Is Worthless
  • Slow to Scan
  • Temperature Report Is Hidden in Result List

Above are all the easiest way to check and get PC information on Windows 11 and Windows 10, including the system information, hardware and software information. After having a full understanding of our own computer, we can know how can we optimize our PC to get a faster speed, and how can we ensure the normal working of our device.



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