How to Get Windows 11 on Mac?

With the release of Windows 11 build 22000.376 KB5008215, many Mac users who have been used to Windows OS would like to get Windows 11. A step-by-step tutorial will be introduced in this article.

First, Can I Run Windows 11 on My Mac?

The answer is absolutely YES. The Mac with Intel processor could run Windows 11, because the Intel has a TPM built in the processor. TPM is Trusted Platform Module is required to be built in the motherboard of a computer so that the the security of the OS could be ensured.

How to check whether your Mac is with Intel Processor or not?

Only two steps needed: click on the Apple icon on the top left corner -> Select About This Mac ->Get your Mac processor information.

Apple icon on Menu bar

If your Mac is Intel based, you will get the follow information:

Intel based Mac

Mac with the chip as M1 could also run Windows system. By repeating the above steps, you can confirm the information.

Apple M1 Chip

After making sure the above information, you can go ahead to follow the steps on how to install Windows 11 system on Mac.

Second, How to Get Windows 11 Installed on Apple’s M1 Mac?

As M1 Mac doesn’t support TPM, the best choice to run Windows for Mac users is to install a virtual machine. Parallels, trusted by over 7 million Mac users, recently released the latest Parallels Desktop 17 for Mac to run Windows. You’re allowed to switch easily between Mac and Windows 11 to experience the differences between the two OS.

How Does Parallels Desktop 17 for Mac?

Install Parallels Desktop 17 (Both paid version and Free trial version). Then all things will become quite easy.

By clicking File on menu bar and selecting New, you will get the Installation Assistant and press Continue.

About Macs with M1 Chip
About Macs with M1 Chip

Then you will see a list of free system at the bottom of the installation assistant Window, and you just choose Download Ubuntu Linux, and click Continue to move to the next step.

Download Ubuntu Linux
Download Ubuntu Linux

When you continue, the download will start. After finishing the downloading, you can install the virtual machine just like the steps installing Ubuntu Linux. But you need to create a password for Parallels virtual machine. Then follow the hints to move to next step with the Ubuntu and Parallels virtual machines installed on Mac.

Create password for virtual machine on Windows 11
Create password for virtual machine

Then you can Download Windows 11 iso file ->Install Windows 11 by following the steps above, and Mac will automatically recognize the Windows 11 system -> Click Create button to begin installation of Windows into the Virtual Machine.

Windows 11 Installation on Mac
Windows 11 Installation on Mac
Windows 11 Installation on Mac
Windows 11 Installation on Mac

Then all the installation process will be the same like that on Windows system itself. After all is done, you can directly switch from Mac to Windows 11.

How to Get Windows 11 Installed on Intel Based Mac?

For Intel-powered Mac computers, it is simple to install Windows with Parrallels. Just follow its Installation Assistant mentioned above and click “Install Windows.” All will be ready.

If you would like to install manually by your self, you have a lot of steps to follow. For everything to work out smoothly, you’re going to get two things ready for this installation: download the latest Windows 11 iso, and find the Boot Camp Assistant.

Detailed steps to install Windows 11 on Mac

  • Use Boot camp Assistant to create a Windows partition;
  • Move over to Applications > Utilities with Boot camp Assistant;
  • Click on the Continue button;
  • Choose the Windows 11 ISO file, and creating a partition will be required. Note: You can input the storage you needed into it with up-to 64 GB, which can not be changed later.
  • Format the partition by Boot Camp;
  • Mac will restart and enter your password;
  • Choose the partition you created just now;
  • The installation will begin.
Install Windows 11 on Intel Based Mac
Install Windows 11 on Intel Based Mac

Above are all the easy ways on how to get Windows 11 installed on Mac. In case of any thing unexpected, we strongly recommend you to install Parallels Desktop 17 on Mac to install it.


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