How to Get Instagram on Windows 11?

This article will tell you how to get and install Instagram app on Windows 11. You can also run Instagram android app on your desktop with just a few clicks. There are two methods to get Instagram on Windows 11, let’s check the details.

About Instagram

At first, Instagram is just a photo app which is available on iOS. Now, Instagram becomes a daily event for millions of peoples’ lives. More and more new features or improvements are added on Instagram, which make the Instagram go to the top position in social apps, such as photo editing, photo sharing, photo posting and more.

Instagram integrates the features of masks, live streaming video, stories, which can help Instagram users do more interaction among them. That’s why it is so popular in peoples’ daily lives. Instagram users can show their photos, videos to the world and receive the words of people from the whole world. It now becomes a tool showing myself and learning the world. At also, Instagram users can communicate more through Instagram.

Key Features of Instagram App:

Watch & create short clips added with special effects, background music, emojis or stickers as you want.

Add photos and videos to your Story which can share your posts with music, stickers or text.

Send Message to your friends directly.

Post photos and videos to show your life to others.

Search & view other’s photos or videos according to your Interests.

How to Get Instagram App on Windows 11?

There are three methods to install Instagram App on windows 11. Let’s have a look.

Method 1 Get Instagram App on Windows 11 from Amazon App Atore

Step 1 Open Windows 11 Microsoft Store and search for amazon app store. Download and open amazon app store.

Step 2. Search for Instagram App by typing InstagramApp in the search box and press enter.

Step 3 Select Instagram App from the search results and click on Get button.

Step 4 After installing, click Open.

Method 2 Get Instagram App on Windows 11 Outside of Amazon App Atore

Step 1 Download SDK Platform Tools

Click here to visit SDK platform tools download page.

Click Download SDK Platform-Tools for Windows.

Download SDK Platform Tools
Download SDK Platform Tools

Scroll down to checkbox I have and agree with the terms and conditions. Next, click the download button to download SDK Platform-Tools.

Agree to download SDK Platform-Tools
Agree to download SDK Platform-Tools

Then you will get a zip file, extract this zip file to get a platform-tools folder.

Get a platform-tools folder
Get a platform-tools folder

Step 2 Turn on Developer mode in Windows Subsystem

Click on Start menu and search for Windows Subsystem for Android, and then open Windows Subsystem for Android.

Search for Windows Subsystem for Android
Search for Windows Subsystem for Android

Turn on Developer mode in Windows Subsystem for Android. Find and remember the IP where it can connect with ADB.

Turn on Developer Mode
Turn on Developer Mode

Step 3 Download Instagram APK

Click here to visit and download Instagram App APK.

After completing the download, copy Instagram App APK file and paste to platform-tools folder.

Copy android app apk file and paste to platform tools folder
Copy android app apk file and paste to platform tools folder

Step 4 Install Instagram App on Windows 11

Open platform-tools folder, right click on the blank space and click on Open in Windows Terminal.

Open in Windows Terminal
Open in Windows Terminal

Type the following command and press enter.

.\adb connect “your id address”

You IP address is showed under the develop mode in Windows Subsystem.

Below image is the example of IP address.

Type adb connect command
Type adb connect command

And then type the following command and press enter.

.\adb install “apk file name”

Get the apk file name by righting click on the apk file and then click on Copy as path.

Type adb install command
Type adb install command

And now you will see that performing streamed install success.

Now, Instagram App is successfully installed on your windows 11. And you can also post your photos and videos on your desktop now.

How to Use Instagram App to post photos and videos:

Step 1: Open Instagram

Step 2: Create or choose your own short videos.

Step 3: Add some special effects, background music, stickers, emojis to your videos as you want.

Step 4: Click to post your created photos and videos.


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